Ups, Downs, Still Staying Strong #Mamavation Monday

Mamavation Monday

Okay, I know it isn’t Monday, and I’m three days late. To be more precise I’m actually 10 days late, since I didn’t post at all last week.

I’m a slacker.

I know it seems that way, but I’ve been really busy. Life got in the way, and although I had an awesome week the week before last, last week was a bit of a let down. A challenge. A frustration. I just didn’t want to talk about it on Monday. I’m not proud of the way I was feeling. But it is what it is…

I applied to two weight loss challenges/programs recently. I know I was/am already on my weight-loss journey, but I really thought the extra motivation would help me. Maybe I could at least reach my goal weight sooner.

Alas, I wasn’t chosen for either one.

Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled for all the bloggers that got chosen for both of these challenges. Thrilled! Yet, I have to be honest, I was a wee bit disappointed I wasn’t picked. I mean I have shown I’m already on my way to losing weight. I’m motivated. I’m determined.

Why am I not a good candidate?

Cue the violins. I had a little pity party. Shame on me. Seriously… Shame. On. Me.

I’m good now. I would have liked to have been a part of the challenges, but I realize, I am. I am on my own weight loss journey along with everyone else out there like me. If YOU are losing weight or wanting to lose weight, whether publicly or privately, we are all in this weight loss challenge together. So here’s to us!

My stats for the week of February 4th – down 2 pounds. Last week – 0 pounds.

  • Starting weight – 166.5
  • Current weight – 146

I had a bad week last week. I ate out more than usual. Valentines Day I ate too many chocolate covered stawberries, and I only exercised one day. But I didn’t gain any. That’s good, right?

I still HATE running. As soon as the Color Me Rad run is over, I’m not sure if I’ll ever run again… unless something/someone is chasing me.

I’m already off to a better start this week, so we’ll see what next Monday’s weigh-in holds.

If you’re on a lifestyle change or weight loss journey, how is it going?


    1. Author

      Yeah, I had a moment of feeling sorry for myself. I’m over it. 🙂 Besides, since I made this weight loss journey, readers like you have encouraged me so much. It truly has helped to motivate me. I appreciate it more than you guys could ever know!

  1. Don’t feel defeated because you weren’t chosen look at what you have accomplished on your own. Remember there will be more challenges that you can be a part of and Mamavation is always a tweet away.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Rebecca! I had a moment of weakness. :/ I’m back on track now, and yes, my readers and Mamavation are a huge help!

  2. A few of us put in bets in the DietBet game. It was fun & if you reach 4% weight loss you get your money back, plus a cut of the money from those who didn’t. Not a lot of money, but I was very determined not to lose…lol.

    1. Author

      Money (whether getting it or losing it) is a great motivator! lol. I used to want to reward myself with food… like if I reached a goal, I wanted to go out to my favorite restaurant. Sad but true. Now I’m motivating myself with new clothes, because all my clothes are getting to big. 🙂

  3. We’re on the same page about running!

  4. Not gaining after indulging in some holiday treats is a win, I think. Sorry you didn’t get chosen, but maybe there’s a challenge you’ll be even better suited for in the future!

  5. Well, let’s just say I need to be a bit more (read A LOT more) strict on myself. I can understand the disappointment of not being chosen. I do hope you are able to keep up the positive attitude in picking back up and going strong again. Yeah, I’m sure running isn’t for everyone so I hope you find your fave exercise of choice soon 🙂

  6. Hugs on not being picked you are doing great. It is so tough I keep going back and forth for the last month.

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