Unstable Premieres on Lifetime

The steamy suspense thriller Unstable premieres on the Lifetime channel tonight.  Unstable will be DVR’d tonight but am so looking forward to watching it tomorrow.  I like this genre of movies… whodunits, mysteries and suspense thrillers. 

I’m also a Lifetime channel fan – they air what my hubby lovingly refers to as chick flicks.  Lifetime is the channel for women.  From the press release,

At the young age of 26, Megan Walker (Appleby) has had her fair share of hard times and family tragedies.  Just as she begins to piece her shattered life together and reclaim her sense of self, she meets the seemingly perfect man.  Megan’s family, particularly her mother (Baker), is thrilled to see her thriving in what everyone perceives to be a healthy and loving relationship.  But, when strange things begin to happen, Megan takes a dangerous plunge into the darkest corners of her mind, finding herself teetering on the edge of sanity.  Trapped in a web of deceit and crippling mind games, Megan must cling to her loved ones – who may, in fact, be the very people driving her to madness.

Unstable stars Kathy Baker an acclaimed movie actress and whose role in Picket Fences won her three Emmy awards and Shiri Appleby most famous for her role on Roswell.    I’ve always loved Kathy Baker and one of the first things I remember seeing her in was Poltergeist.

Check out MyLifeTime.com for more information about Unstable and tune in tonight April 25, 2009 at 9:00 pm EST and watch Unstable.  And let me know what you thought of it.