Tutoring for kids – How do you know when it is beneficial to hire a tutor?

Tutoring for kids

Hiring a tutor for your kids is a big decision. You have to find the right tutor, discover which subjects your kids need help you with, and invest extra funds in your child’s future. That is why you need know the benefits of hiring a tutor.

While each child has their own needs, most reasons for hiring a tutor fall in to 3 broad categories: they are struggling with a subject, are ahead of their peers, or need help getting to the next level.

Let us evaluate the benefits of hiring a tutor for your child when they fall behind in class.

At one time or another, we have all been there. Maybe the one class or subject stumped us. While the rest of the class was happy to move forward onto the next subject, you sit gazing at the past chapter with frustration.

That is part of learning. We all learn at our speed. Your child might just need some extra focus on a particular subject to catch up. The need here is obvious, and for decades Americans have associated the idea of tutoring with those who cannot keep up with their classwork.

While this visualization is a bit basic, it holds true that we can all use some help occasionally.

On the other hand, one of the greatest benefits of using a tutor is to help those kids who are ahead of their classmates.

Just as going too quickly on a subject you do not understand can be detrimental to your education, boring a student with unlimited potential has the same capacity to harm students.

That is why hiring a tutor is great push for kids. They need someone to help them reach their true potential. Traditional education was designed to produce factory workers. In the early 1900’s, the United States of America needed workers who could read and write, so they could work at the plant.

They needed to sit in desks and follow directions. Students who are ready to excel need more than that. They need a challenge. A tutor can provide the individualized help your child needs to thrive.

Which brings up the final benefit of why kids need a tutor: to get to the next level. A tutor is a great asset for a child shifting to advanced classes or preparing for the SAT or ACT tests.

When a child goes from normal to advanced classes, they need to adjust their work habits. With regular classes, teachers sometimes limit the workload.  While your child might have floated by in school getting A’s in regular classes, the workload in an advanced class might be a shock to the system.

The same holds true for test prep. Teachers are preparing kids for the test. That is why they must cover specific subjects, often racing through the curriculum at warp speed to teach as much as possible before their future is determined based upon one test.

The best way to help your child with test is through tutoring. A qualified tutor can help them grasp key concepts for the test, so they can feel confident when the day arrives.

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  1. My poor daughter is struggling with 9th grade…she is going to tutoring for Algebra Honors and it is helping!

  2. Jenn,

    That is great she is getting the help she needs to thrive in her honors Alegebra class.


  3. My daughter took a SAT prep course, and it really helped.

  4. We are on the verge of getting one for my son.

  5. The most tutor for every kids must be their parent!

  6. I know it won’t be long before my kids are learning things I have long forgotten. It’s great to know there are trusted options out there.

  7. If the parents can’t help a tutor may be needed. My kids are grown up so I don’t know about the expense. If it works, it’s probably worth it.

  8. Our middle goes to tutoring after school for his reading & comprehension. We do the best we can and he still struggled so it was important to get him the extra help so he can stay on course.

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