Top Things to Do With Kids in Paris

Known around the world as the City of Love, Paris has long proved popular as a romantic holiday destination. It’s also a hit among vacationers who are keen to soak up history and culture while away from home. What’s less well known about the French capital is that it’s a superb spot to take the kids. The metropolis benefits from an array of child-friendly parks and attractions.

So, if you’re planning your next adventure with your little ones in tow, it’s well worth considering booking a Paris holiday. There’ll be plenty to keep your brood occupied for the duration of your stay, and here are some highlights to look out for.

Make the most of the city’s museums

Paris is certainly not short of museums. The ‘m’ word might usually get your kids’ eyes rolling, but as long as you choose the right galleries and exhibitions, you’ll be guaranteed some great days out. The city’s Natural History Museum is a classic case in point. The Palaeontology Building, complete with its skeletons and replicas, is a particular hit with youngsters, and The Gallery of Evolution is also great for children. There, you can see stuffed elephants, giraffes and a host of other creatures.

All kids love chocolate, so what better way to spend a morning or afternoon than wandering around the Musée Gourmand du Chocolat? As well as getting to explore the Mayan and Aztec origins of this sweet treat, your family can watch a demonstration of how chocolate is made. There’s also a gift shop where you can stock up on a selection of edible delights.

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont_Paris PostImage by Sharat Ganapati via Flickr

Discover parks aplenty

You won’t be short of parks to explore in Paris either, and a great example is the Jardin du Luxembourg. There, your little ones can catch puppet shows and enjoy pony rides. There’s also a carousel and playground to enjoy.

Another top choice when it comes to outdoor spaces is the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d stepped into a fairytale when you enter this hilly park. With its towering trees, artificial lake, tumbling streams and miniature imitation Roman temple, it has a magical quality and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing family picnic.

Aquarium in ParisImage by Francisco Gonzalez via Flickr

Take a trip to the aquarium

Last but by no means least on this short list, make sure you set aside some time in your schedule to visit the Aquarium de Paris. Home to a variety of sea creatures, including clown fish, sting rays and sharks, it’s bound to put a smile on your children’s faces.

Of course, these are just a small number of the family-friendly attractions that Paris has to offer. There are many more for you to explore too, like these 75 best things to do in Paris.


  1. Paris is on my Bucket List. I would die to be able to go!

  2. I hope to visit Paris someday! My best friend loves it. 🙂

  3. I’ve had the privilege to have been to Paris twice! It truly is a beautiful city.

  4. Another great activity in Paris for the kiddos is the Sewer Museum and Visit – awesome!

  5. What a fun idea for a family vacation! I would love to travel with my little ones and Paris would be on the top of my own personal list. Thanks for all the great suggestions.

  6. I was in Paris for only one day and that was before we had a child so we didn’t really check out any of these. We did enjoy Disneyland Paris though!

    1. My daughter has always wanted to go to Disneyland Paris, lol! I tell her about the cool things like Notre Dame, the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower and she just wants to see french Mickey 😉

  7. We live in Europe so Paris is closer and we are planning on going. But wait for kids to grow up a bit, it would be hard with one year old, I hope we’ll go in a year or two.

  8. Paris is absolutely my favorite city in the world! It has a little bit of everything (art, culture, history, shopping, fashion, museums, and SO much more). It reminds me so much of my beloved hometown of NYC. I can’t wait to take my kids on a vacation there one day.

  9. Love museums so much to see and learn.

  10. Paris is my hometown and it is an exquisite city! Museums were always one of my favorite places to escape. There’s such a wealth of treasures to enjoy. One of my favorite’s was a tiny private museum that hosts a small but priceless collection of Monet’s paintings. I also always loved going to the Pompidou center. As I grew up museums never lost their tug on my heart but I also cherished times sitting at a café taking in the hustle and bustle all around me.. Boat rides on the Seine are also a lot of fun!

    1. What an amazing place to grow up! I’ve only been to France once, but it is so easy to fall in love.

  11. never been to paris but never knew you can do these things in paris for kids

  12. Oh wow, I never thought about taking my son. That would be so neat.

  13. Thanks for a great list. We are going in July and will definitely check out some of the parks.

  14. I went to Paris in high school and I found it incredible! There was a lot to do and I’d love to go back!

  15. We went to an aquarium this last summer, and it was such a fun experience!

  16. I’d love to share my love of travel with my kids. I had such an amazing trip to France last year, and kept thinking of all of the things I would love to see or do with my family.

  17. Watching how chocolate is made would definitely be a hit in our family.

  18. I know that people don’t think of checking out Aquariums around the world, but I think your suggestion is fantastic! I visited the aquarium in Osaka, Japan and it was fabulous to see a new way of displaying some amazing animals. It was the first time I got to see a whale shark up close.

  19. It’s so my dream to go to Paris One Day. It’s my dream city to visit. I would love to do these with my family.

  20. These are great ideas. I would love to visit Paris one day.

  21. I’d love to take the family to Paris, one can dream right? Hopefully I’ll be able to go there one day.

  22. I would love to visit Paris with my loved ones someday.

  23. I definitely want to visit the aquarium of any city in the world!

  24. Great idea I really hope to see Paris someday!

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