Top 7 Tips for New York Tourists

The iconic draw of New York City is irresistible enough that it brings in some 60 million tourists per year. But the overwhelming size and complexity of NYC also makes it overwhelming to travel to, a virtual “tourist maze” if you try to tackle it alone and without previous experience.

Seeing New York is something many are determined to do at least once in their lifetime. But how can an “outsider” see the Big Apple and avoid any serious “tourist mistakes”?

7 new york tourist tips

Here are 7 tips to follow on a visit to New York City that will help you get the most out of the experience:

Top 7 Tips for New York Tourists

1. Book and Plan Far Ahead

Depending on the season and your exact itinerary, some flights, hotels, and restaurant reservations might have to be booked weeks or more ahead of time. Remember there are millions of other people planning to see NY too. Planning your travels well in advance is crucial.

2. Take a Double Decker Tour

The fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to get an overview of the city is on the upper deck of an open-air double decker tour bus. Book at, and you’ll get an online booking discount on top of an already great deal!

3. Learn NYC Etiquette

New Yorkers often complain about the tourists not following certain forms of “etiquette:” don’t let it be you they complain about. Never block the sidewalk so busy people can’t weave their way around you/your group. Never stop at the top of a subway system escalator with others blocked in behind you. And never, never, never step into a taxicab someone else hailed!

4. Take The Liberty Tour

It would be a shame to visit NYC and not see the Statue of Liberty. There are free boat tours that will take you to the island, and you can book these at the same time as the bus tours with some bus tour companies. The view of the city skyline from the water, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Ellis Island are also along the route.

5. Walk, Bike, and Ride the Subway

There are often many worthy tourist sites within walking distance of your hotel room. If a subway station is nearby, that gives you a quick access to an even bigger swathe of territory. Add to that the numerous rental bike providers, and you see you don’t need a motorized vehicle to see many NYC sights. Walking over the Brooklyn Bridge on foot and biking or riding the horse-carriages in Central Park are classic.

6. See the City From Up High

Another vantage point, the bird’s eye view, should also be experienced during your New York adventure. This can include ascending to the observation deck of the Empire State Building, catching an amazing view from roof-top NYC restaurants, and fluttering over the cityscape on a touring helicopter.

7. Create Lasting Memories

Bring your camera, even if just your smartphone cam, with you on your explorations and put it to good use. Get snapshots of you and your traveling partners at major landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Times Square, or at Macy’s. You can even post your whole trip on social media sites like Facebook while it’s still in process, and then interact with family and friends who are far away to make them a “virtual” part of your experiences in NYC.