Today’s Lawyers Help Injured People Get What They Deserve

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No one likes to get injured on the job, but for those people who have lived through it, a good lawyer is as valuable as gold. One might think that an on-the-job injury would elicit sympathy from the employer in question. One might also think that insurance companies would be willing to provide aggrieved parties with the settlements they deserve.

All too often, though, these people are left to fend for themselves, getting railroaded by parties with big legal staffs and the deep pockets to fight a protracted battle. Good workers compensation lawyers help clients find their way through these difficult times.

The function of the modern attorney in a workers compensation situation is to advocate on behalf of an injured client. Many people are looking to learn more about James P. Hoffman and other good attorneys because they need a person who will be their voice during the course of the legal process.

While the system has always been tilted toward bigger, more powerful parties, lawyers today are beginning to tip the scales. They can make sure that people who are injured actually have a say, either in the courtroom or in the dark rooms where settlement talks tend to take place.

The first goal of lawyers today is to make sure their client gets a fair financial shake, no matter how long that takes. This is what today’s good attorneys understand. Often, the battle to get workers compensation benefits will be long and tough.

It will require a lawyer with stamina and a client who is willing to put herself through tremendous difficulty. Many clients are up to the challenge when they have been wronged in some way. The only trick is finding an attorney who is equally willing to go to bat against the big legal guns of insurance companies and corporations.

The second goal, which lawyers seem to be picking up on more and more, is to fit a legal defense to the needs of the client. Some clients need to get money right away, and they are willing to take a settlement that might be less than optimal.

Others want to be heard in the process, and voicing their displeasure is more important than any monetary payout. Modern lawyers are learning that it is always best to consider the client’s needs. The client is in the driver’s seat, and today’s lawyers are more and more willing to be their voice.


  1. My work comp case took nearly 11 years to settle. I didn’t want a monetary settlement as badly as I wanted lifetime medical, which I received. I’m happy with the result. But, one of the reasons the system is screwed up is because of fraudulent claims. People who are deserving are not getting what they need because of that.

  2. It’s reassuring to know that there are lawyers to help settles cases that arise. You hear a lot of what’s wrong with our legal system. It’s nice to be reminded that there’s a lot that’s right.

  3. thanks for sharing

  4. My husband was involved in a car accident last year that was not his fault. Thankfully a wonderful attorney was recommended to us and really helped alleviate a lot of stress while we got our lives back on track.

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