The Miracle of Clean Water Infographic

We use water filters in our home. Because try as I might, I just don’t trust the public water systems. I want my tap water filtered. I rarely buy bottled water either… unless I’m out all day and have run out of water that I’ve brought from home. I am convinced that most bottled water isn’t as safe as tap water.

I know and appreciate that tap water has come a long way, but I don’t have full confidence in it. In fact, just yesterday, our water looked like it had soap in it when I turned it on.


I’m sure they were treating it at the moment, but I don’t want to think about the chemicals they use to treat it.

In the infographic below I learned that the EPA recently discovered 18 unregulated chemicals that were present in more than 1/3rd of tested public water systems.

That’s just scary.

I am thankful for water filters that give me some peace of mind. I feel better knowing my family is drinking filtered water. We drink a lot of water, especially our son, and I want to know the water we drink is clean.

I learned a lot about drinking water from ‘The Miracle of Clean Water’ infographic. Check it out for yourself:


The Miracle of Clean Water Infographic
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  1. It’s a little scary to see how much is slipping through that we probably don’t want there!

  2. I’ll be hugging my water filter a little tighter today =) haha Thanks for sharing!

    1. Me too, for sure! It’s really a little terrifying.

  3. It’s amazing what we know now from 30 years ago. Our water is filtered and then our drinking water is double filtered.

  4. I’m always astounded to learn how much blah stuff is in our water, yet it’s the cleanest in the world (other places are so much worse)…it goes to show how while I’m grateful, I could do a lot more to filter it (the whole meds in our water from people flushing it down the toilet thing is so weird)…thanks for this info, it’s so interesting!

    1. Author

      On our local news today,they were talking about how people flush their expired medications down the toilet and drains… it is crazy!

  5. We filter our water through our refrigerator at home but this is something I worry about with my kids, especially my five year old going to school this year and drinking fountains…

  6. It’s scary to think about those nasty chemicals in the water! We filter all of our water too, it’s a must!

  7. We have well water but with all the corn fields and spraying they do around here, I am concerned in the summer time about our water. Otherwise, not so much.

  8. The tap water that comes out of our kitchen sink smells musty a lot of the time. I hate to think of why that might be.

  9. I love water but this is the reason why I have such a hard time drinking tap water.

  10. I can’t stand the taste of tap water, it’s gross. I always filter or drink bottled water, it’s more convenient and it taste better.

  11. I use a water filter, too. I’m going to get a water bottle with a filter for a trip I am taking in a couple of weeks.

  12. I never drink our local tap water and have always felt it tasted a bit funky. For me the fluoride alone is reason enough to stick with filtered options.

  13. Wow! Our local tap is horrible, it has the worst taste and causes acid reflux really bad. We are a super small town so we sadly drink bottled and filtered water.

    1. Author

      Years ago I lived in this rural area where the water had a lot of iron in it… it literally ruined your clothes to wash with it. I would not drink it.

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