The Many Uses of the Cocktail Dress

A cocktail dress is a versatile dress that can be worn to almost any evening, formal, or semi-formal event. Often thought of as the quintessential little black dress, a cocktail dress is considered a staple of every woman’s wardrobe. A cocktail dress is appropriate for a range of events that include evening parties, black-tie events, the theatre or opera, formal dances, and weddings.

Traditionally, cocktail dresses were meant to be simple “little black” dresses with a timeless style that could be worn for years and dressed either up or down, depending on the occasion. Over the years they have broken away from those basic standards to include individual flair and style, while becoming associated with semi-formal events that take place in the evening, such as cocktail parties.

A cocktail dress is still an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe today. It’s meant to be hanging in the closet when you need it, for both planned and last-minute events. It can save a lot of money for women on tight wardrobe budgets or those who attend parties frequently, and it’s a great fallback when you can’t find the right dress for a specific event. For that one perfect party dress that was made just for you, Terani cocktail dresses are a top pick in style and versatility.

Cocktail dresses even offer a smart and diverse alternative to a classic, long prom dress for this year’s prom season. Short dresses are often more fun, better for dancing, and show off your legs to boot. The best part is a cocktail dress that’s worn to prom will be around for a long time to come, serving as the young woman’s first little black dress. Terani Couture prom dresses are a great choice for the young woman that wants a cocktail-style prom dress she can hang on to.

Cocktail Dress Basics

Cocktail dresses are meant to be short, simple, and neutral colored, so that they can be worn to a variety of events and paired with any number of accessories and extras. A cocktail dress can be worn with sandals to an afternoon tea, or with heels and costume jewelry to a black tie event.

The classic cocktail dress has a skirt that ends just above the knees, is designed in a timeless dress style that will always be “in,” has a fairly simple design, and is black in color.

The cocktail dress of the new millennium is breaking the mold with an “anything goes” kind of attitude. The skirts are as short as several inches above the knee. The dresses come in both timeless and trendy styles, have simple to very individualized styles, and come in any color, including many in shades of white.

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