The Extreme Growth of the App Economy (Infographic)

Being the wife of an app developer, I'm very happy with the growth of the app economy. Our smart phone of choice is the iPhone… just our personal preference, but I just love the advent of the smart phone in general. It truly has revolutionalized the tech industry.

The biggest value of the smart phone are the apps. I currently have over 64 apps on my phone. I recently removed a dozen or more. And will probably add one or two more before the week is over. I use apps that help me with my work and schedule, like Dropbox, Nebulous, and Numbers.

As well as apps to keep me connected socially, like, Facebook and Hootsuite. Apps to aid in taking photos and sharing them, like Instagram and Tiny Review.  And of course, games. I use Lose It and Moby a lot… okay, I could go on an on about the apps I use on my iPhone. Really I could.

Check out this infographic from FrugalDad that lays out more statistics on the radical growth of the app economy:

Apps Infographic