The Christmas Choir Premieres on the Hallmark Channel

As you know I love the Hallmark Channel!  The Hallmark Channel never fails to show good quality movies and shows that are perfect for the whole family.  You can count on them to show entertaining and inspiring movies.

Tonight they are premiering the original movie The Christmas Choir,

Peter Brockman (Jason Gedrick) is a successful-but-spiritually lost accountant whose life is turned on its head when he begins volunteering at a homeless shelter run by the caring-yet-cantankerous Sister Agatha (Rhea Perlman). Amazed at the musical prowess of some of the shelter’s occupants, Peter sets out to organize them into a choir, singing holiday tunes in a local subway station. Though the singers and Peter each go through their own difficult personal trials, they slowly begin to learn to trust in each other and the power their music holds. “The Christmas Choir” is inspired by the true story of a man volunteering at a homeless shelter who saw a way to help the men living there by creating a choir from their surprising musical talents. The group, which went on to record several albums and tour the world, experienced such success that the singers where able to gain the financial security and personal confidence to leave the streets forever.

The Christmas Choir stars Rhea Perlman of Cheers fame.  She plays Sister Agatha… a far cry from her role as the wisecracking barmaid on Cheers.  Here is a great article on Rhea Perlman’s role in The Christmas Choir.

Also starring in The Christmas Choir is Jason Gedrick, Tyrone Benskin and Marianne Farley.

I am looking forward to watching this holiday movie tonight… I’m sure it will get me in the Christmas spirit.  I think it will inspire us to think of those less fortunate this Christmas.

If you’re looking for a good Christmas movie to watch tonight, December 6, 2008, watch The Christmas Choir on the Hallmark Channel  at 9:00 pm EST.  If you miss it tonight, look at the bottom of the page at for other show times.


  1. Awesome!!!! Another great movie! i just hope that more people reach out this year to help others who are less fortunate. We must remember that it is not about us……… pay it forward.

    God Bless.

  2. I watched the Hallmark movie, "The Christmas Choir" tonight and, as usual, the movie lived up to the Hallmark excellence. I appreciate the uplifting message of the production and I especially appreciated the music which was more than just a "holiday" message. After all, Christ is the reason for the season and I thoroughly enjoyed the true Christmas music!

  3. This was one of the best Christmas shows produced on Hallmark for Christmas. Good family movie. Thank you.

  4. My husband and I thought the movie was great
    It was a very warm and touching movie something that will stay with us through the holiday season.Any family or friends who didn’t
    see it we have it on tape for them to see.
    thank you for showing this great movie.

  5. What is the name of the real choir that the movie is based on?

  6. can anyone tell me how to locate any of the 6 CD’s produced by The Christmas Choir. Said it was a true story.

  7. @Pam and Peter: I am working on finding the name of the choir and how to find their music. I will let you know when I’ve got something.

    I’m glad everyone enjoyed this movie as much as I did.

  8. What a great movie!! Thank you Hallmark for another inspiring and family friendly movie. I agree on locating cd’s. It would be a reminder all year long of what can be done when we help others.

  9. I would like to buy their holiday CDs. Does anyone know the titles and where to buy them

  10. @George: I’m am working on finding that information out… will let you know when/what I find out. 🙂

  11. found this on another blog
    The movie was inspired by the Accueil Bonneau Choir mainly known as the Montreal Homeless Choir. There were actually 22 men to start with. During the real gas explosion 3 died, and 16 were injured. The choir disbanded in 2003. and found this aricle inreaders digest about them

  12. @Pam: Thank you so much! I know so many of us were curious as to the name of the choir and how to obtain there music.

  13. I, too, would like to know how to get one of the CDs of The Christmas Choir. Can you tell me how.

  14. who played hector in christmas choir-the one who drank up his tips

  15. This movie was absolutely one of the best movies I have seen in quite some time. Hallmark has again outdone themselves with this movie for the entire family. It teaches alot of values to young people as well as refreshing memories of those not so young. Again, hats off to The Christmas Choir and all actors, producers, and everyone else involved.

  16. I watched the movie tonight on TV and I could not turn away. Truly touching and inspiring. I had thought about helping to serve meals for the homeless and those less fortunate. God bless and be with everyone on this wonderful occasion of Christ’s birth. Oh yes, I am no longer thinking about helping this Christmas, I AM DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

  17. @Steve: I have searched and searched and can’t seem to find who the actor is that plays Hector. If anyone out there knows… please share it with us.

  18. Thank you so much for the information on the Christmas Choir. I looked everywere.
    I really enjoyed the movie also. I watched it twice. I agree that it teaches values to the
    young. I wish it would inspire some of the homeless centers we have here
    in Ohio. Thank you again

  19. @Patty: I know what you mean. We can all really do more to help others… not only during the holidays but all year round. The Christmas Choir is definitely an inspiring movie.

  20. What a joy-filled movie and a surprise at the end when the epilogue stated that this was based on a true story. I had made a call earlier to someone I worked with that had lost his wife, job, and pet this year and made arrangements to take him out to breakfast. The movie made my arrangements with him all the more special, and giving him a little money to help out in a time of need and to seeing the expression and smile on his face when I told him Merry Christmas was even more special. Thanks again for such a special movie!

  21. @Gary: Wow! I am honestly inspired by your comment. I wish you and your friend a very Merry Christmas!

  22. If anyone one knows where i can buy one of there cds please let me know. Thank you and everyone have a merry christmas and a happy new year

  23. Just watched this marvelous movie with my girlfriend and loved its warmth and compassion. Jason Gedrick, who normally plays tougher characters, did a very good job but I was impressed with Tyrone Benskin even more. As a musician I appreciated all the hard work it took to make this work. I also, as a NYC music teacher, had a chorus of young students who worked hard and blossomed through committment and hard work. Kudos to the Hallmark Channel for making this movie. I thought Cindy Sampson who played his fiance was very attractive but she lost patience with the accountant. Good thing he didn’t lose patience with the members of the choir. I hope millions of Americans and others watch this movie anytime of year.

  24. Would love a DVD of this movie, the warmth and compassion, just a great movie.
    Can we get the DVD? please let me know .

  25. who played peter brockmans father in the movie "the christmas choir"?

  26. I enjoyed the movie very much. It is very touching as it show how a person or persons can change if given another chance in life. God can do wonders with a person who is willing to try and change. The characters in the movie did a very good performance. How can a person obtain one of the CDs the Christmas Choir recorded?

  27. I watched the movie last night for the first time and loved it! I think this should be an inspiration to help whomever we can not just through the holidays but all year long. Does anyone know where you might can find any of their cd’s and what their recording name is? I noticed at the end they have put out 6 cd’s and traveled the world. Where are they today? Thanks …Feeling inspired.

  28. My husband and I truly enjoyed this movie. It brought tears to our eyes.
    Helping the homeless is the best one can do. This is truly a wonderful heart touching movie. Thanks Hallmark for all your good movies.

  29. I chanced upon this heartwarming film last night. My partner had fallen asleep on the sofa and I am sorry I didn’t wake him. I lived in Montreal until June this year and am sure I actually saw the "Montreal Homeless Choir" perform in the metro system. Watching this film not only brought back many memories of Montreal, but actually brought tears to my eyes. The film is a tribute to the power of the heart to the reverance for life as a gift from God. May it inspire many many people and fill them with goodwill toward men!
    Ilka Karl (Ms)

  30. I have watched this movie a couple of times this season and it just gets better every time. Thank you for the link to the story about the "real" Christmas choir. It was very inspiring.

  31. @Ilka: What a treat it would be to hear the "Montreal Homeless Choir" live. Thanks for sharing!

  32. What a WONDERFUL movie !!!!!!!! I usually don’t cry alot with movies, but a cried my eyes out, what a moving and touching movie.

  33. I loved the movie, The Christmas Choir, and would like to know how to purchase the DVD as well as CDs of the choirs music.

  34. I too would love to have their recordings …. also if there is a book maybe written about them?

  35. I watched the Christmas Choir many times. I liked it so much I had taped it. Unfortunately I have lost the tape. I would really like to have the movie so I can watch it at any time. Please let me know how I can buy a tape or DVD of the movie. THis is the second time I have asked. Please someone respond. Rebecca Shaw

  36. Hector in christmas choir-the one who drank up his tips was played by Barry Blake.

  37. Who played the father of Peter Brockman’s (Jason Gedrick) in the movie and why are the credit listing so limited.

  38. To make a donation to the Montreal Homeless Choir or to purchase a CD, you can contact them at 514-845-5666, or by mail at:

    Acceuil Bonneau
    427 de la Commune St. E.
    Montreal, Que
    H2Y 1J4.

  39. I just finished watching the movie! It was truely wonderful! What a way to start the month of Christmas. My Christmas wish is that everyone watch this movie and find the real meaning of Christmas this year.
    Merry Christmas everyone.

  40. i have watch this movie every time it comes on i just love it. i to am looking for the cd

  41. I’m not really an emotional guy but that movie hit me hard. Who played the role of Jason’s dad…was that Peter Fonda? I can’t find the answer in Google.

  42. Loved movie. I want to send the e-cards through the kraft information. But dummy me tossed paper i jotted it on and I can not remember it for the life of me. I have tried to find it through Kraft and Hallmard with no luck. Does any one have it. In case you missed it at end of movie has information on sending e-cards and every one sent will generate ten meals thru Kraft they are wanting to donate one million. I would love to do this and hopefully every one chatting on here will do it. forward to all in address book.

    Please send me email if you have information [email protected]

    Thank you very much.

  43. Michael Sarrazin played Peter Brockman’s dad according to It does not, however, indicate who played Hector or Fred. If anyone finds a DVD, perhaps the cast is listed.

  44. I went to the readers digest site and found the story but I would like to know where and how to buy the cd? Please let me know…Thank you…

  45. My daughter and I just watched the movie together and even though I cry over everything, she said it even brought tears to her eyes. The feelings this movie inspires makes us remember that Christmas is more than how much will we get this year but how much more can we give this year! I will be attempting to get some of their CD’s in the New Year. Merry Christmas to you all and god Bless.

  46. For the e-mail link by Kraft go to (Kraft Canada) and find Recipe for Joy. for every e-card sent until Dec. 31, Kraft Canada will donate $2.00 to the food banks. Not sure if there is a USA site or not though.

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