The Caribbean – One of the Best Places for a Romantic Vacation

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Romantic vacations

The Caribbean is one of the most preferred destinations and among the best places for a vacation. It is many things but most of all it is a very romantic getaway spot, where one can bring his/her beloved one and spend together a couple of tranquil days and nights, enjoying each other’s presence.

I, personally, have been to the Caribbean area more than once, both alone and accompanied by my husband and can guarantee that the region is simply marvelous and worth your every penny.

The region with the Caribbean Sea and the islands is situated near the Gulf of Mexico, in the southern part of North America or in other words, between the two Americas. This region is known with some of the best resorts on the planet as well as the perfect weather conditions, which make it a very good choice for a honeymoon, for example. This is exactly where me and my husband spend our lovely honeymoon.

The whole region consists of more than seven thousand islands, many of which, as you have probably guessed – uninhabited. Administratively, the islands are former colonies and present dependencies of several European countries, Great Britain and Spain being some of them.

The island of Aruba occupies the top vacation places according to the flow of the tourists and the quality of the services. This, I can definitely confirm from my short working experience there. I was assigned to Aruba in order to make a couple of short reports on the island. Though the place is so far from the European continent it is still part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The territory of the island is twenty-seven kilometers long. The gorgeous weather will accompany you in every day of your stay. Though the place is often very crowded, there are still several serene beaches, which will make you feel that you and your spouse are the last two people in the world.

romantic vacations

Even though at the time of my stay my significant other was not with me, judging by the other couples, it definitely is a romantic spot. Still, if you do not like so much to stay in quiet and secluded places and would rather mix with the crowd you can enjoy the numerous adventurous activities offered for the tourists. The nightlife is something you should not allow yourself to miss. The restaurants offer all the variety of dishes in the region and some popular ones that everybody likes.

A personal advice – skip the dishes you already know and try all the local ones.

Jamaica is probably the most popular island in the Caribbean region. Probably because people, or at least me, connect it with its rich musical heritage in the face of reggae music. It is one of those beautiful places that have so much to show to its visitors but still the tourists are not tired of all the organized trips which are so common. Here, you can freely enjoy the beaches and the sun for as long as you want. The marvelous waterfalls and the fauna will be something that will surely impress every couple that sets foot on the island. The people working on the island make everything possible to entertain their tourists.

And this is not actually such a hard thing to do as the island is a crossing point for so many cultures including Asian, African and European.

Puerto Rico is an archipelago, an unincorporated territory of the USA and a very exotic spot that deserves to be visited. It is actually where me and my husband went for our anniversary. The cities in the area are simply charming and have a lot to offer both in terms of cultural and the historical heritage. Visitors are bound to become witnesses of some of the greatest festivities.

What I advise the couples paying Puerto Rico a visit is to rent a car and go on a road trip around the small island in order to better explore its marvels. This is what me and my husband did and were extremely impressed by the island’s nature.

So, as a person who has actually visited this enchanting region, I couldn’t recommend it more. Take at least two weeks off of work and head for the holiday of your dreams.

Ruby Rogers is a 33 years old passionate blogger. She has been traveling since she was a little child. She lives in Gloucester, UK with her husband and two daughters, and loves planning family trips and exploring new places. You can read more useful tips for romantic vacations on:


  1. I can only imagine how romantic a trip to the caribbean would be

  2. I’ve been to the Caribbean once and absolutely fell in love. The sunsets are especially beautiful.

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