The Best Red Shade Lipstick to Match Your Skin Tone

Red lipstick with trace on white background

Have you seen those stylish and super cool looking women walking around town with their bright red lips and feel envious? Want to look as good as they but don‘t know where to start and how to get the best red shade lipstick for you?

Relax my friends, I am going to share some super easy tips that will help you out in your long quest of searching for the best lipstick. Use it freely and enjoy looking sophisticated and gorgeous from now on!

So one of the very first things you need to look for while shopping for the best red lipstick is actually your skin tone color. Your skin coloring will affect the way different shades of red will look on you.

What's your skin tone graphic

For instance, if you have fair or white/light skin, the best one for you would be a matte red lipstick that slightly errs on the orange side. It will bring your skin undertones out and will look perfect on you. 

If you want a bolder look and also have some yellow undertones in your skin, then a warm brick red lipstick is definitely worth trying. Want more ideas: cherry, cranberry, and wine tones are also perfect choices for you.

One the other hand, ladies with a slightly darker skin tone or medium, should try out red lipsticks in dark, deep reds with gold undertones. It will accentuate your sun-kissed face even more and make you perfect looking instantly. 

If you have this type of skin, but your eyes are blue or gray, then a bright orange lipstick will work for you the best. The orange tone lipstick will make your eyes pop for sure! If you are looking for a little bit bolder look then you can pull blackberry shades. So enjoy!

Ladies with a dark skin complexion can be sure that most reds work well on them. You can try an orange punch shade that will really stand out against your darker skin tone, too.

If you want a lot stronger look for an evening out, you can pull off a darker red shade, for example – maroon. This deep red is an elegant choice for sure. And the rich blue undertones are especially flattering against the darker skin you can be so proud of. Raspberry shade can work on you pretty well too.

These are the basics every makeup professional will tell you. Now that you know what will work on you the best, you can start looking for some lipsticks to try on.

how to choose the right shade of red lipstick for your skin tone

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Now you know the best shade for you and the best place to get it at much cheaper price. What are your tips and tricks how to choose the best red lipstick? Please share your thoughts with me in comments and let’s find the perfect red for our lips!


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I love lipstick, but I’ve always had such a hard time finding a shade that’s 100% right for me.

  2. I love red lipstick. I am still trying to find the “perfect” shade but I think I’m closing in on it! Too bad I change my hair color so often.

  3. The world of makeup can be so confusing with all the options it gives! Thanks for the tip!

  4. I have been told I look good with red lipstick but I am just not so confident to pull it off out of the home. I think some people look good and others clowny.

  5. Thanks for sharing i 100% agree on with that i feel as though darker skin women look very nice with red lipstick.

  6. I love red lipstick but it’s not that great on my mocha skin tone. I end to use deeper reds (almost in the burgundy shades). I did strike gold and found a nice matte red color from Chanel. I don’t wear it often but I feel like I’m on the runway every time I put it on!!

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