The ABC’s of Me…

This was originally an old post from 2012 that I thought about deleting, but I really like the idea of it… of letting you know a little about me. The questions were originally asked on a website that no longer exists and my answers have changed just a bit.

Anyway, here are the…

ABC’s of Me

ABC's of me
ABC’s of me


Age: Great, let’s start with that one. I’m 55. The oldest of 3.

Bedsize: King. I like a lot of room. Cuddling is fine until time to sleep then I don’t want to be touched.

Chores that you hate: Cleaning toilets and going to the grocery store.

Dogs: We’ve had several dogs over the years, but presently we are owned by a Shih Tzu named Baxter.

Essential start to your day: Coffee. Coffee. And, more coffee.

Favorite color: Tough. I love so many colors. But for today, orange.

Gold or Silver: Both. It depends on my mood and what I’m wearing. Generally, though, I’d say gold.

Height: Average 5’5″. (Okay, I’m 5’4 1/2″, but you’re supposed to round up, right?)

Instruments you play: None. I have no musical abilities. I can peck out Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano, though.

Job title: Mom, wife, daughter, friend, content creator, and marketer.

Kids: One remarkable son, who teaches me more each day than I could ever teach him.

Live: “Happiness comes of the capacity to feel deeply, to enjoy simply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed.” ~Storm Jameson

Mother’s Name: Rosa Lee. Most everyone calls her Rose, though.

Nicknames: I really don’t have any. My stepdad used to call me DJ, and so does my hubby from time to time.

Overnight hospital stays: Two nights when I had my son.

Pet peeves: Poor customer service.

Quote from a movie or tv show: “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” ~Johnny (Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing)

Right or Lefty: Right-handed.

Siblings: 2 – A sister Dreama, and a brother, Buddy (his name is Keith, but in all my years, I only refer to him as Buddy). He passed away on October 30, 2015, from cancer.

Time you wake up: During the week between 6:30am – 7:00am. Weekends vary, but not before 7am.

Underwear: Most of the time. 🙂

Vegetable you hate: Veggie lover hear! I’m not super crazy about green peppers unless they’re cooked, but will eat them raw.

What makes you run late: Ummmm… everything.

X-Rays You’ve Had: Chest x-rays for physicals. Mammograms.

Yummy food you make: Pasta dishes.

Zoo Animal: Red Pandas!

Okay, the above gives you some random insights into my life.