How Teachers Change Lives & Adopt-a-Classroom

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In fourth grade, I fell in love with my teacher. I felt such a true admiration, respect, and love for Mrs. Curry.

I loved all my previous teachers from Kindergarten through third grade, but not the same kind of love I felt for Mrs. Curry. She was the first teacher I had that really loved what she did. And it showed. I may have been a child, but I knew she loved being a teacher.

And I loved being her student.

She inspired me so much that I wanted to be a teacher. I did go on to get my degree in education. Although I never took an actual teaching position (only substituted), that’s a story for another time, I knew teaching was an important and loving, selfless job.

I’ve been blessed with wonderfully dedicated teachers in my life, from elementary through college.

And my son who is just finishing up elementary school has been equally blessed as well. In fact, the school he attends is full of amazing teachers.

Cody and Ms. DiMeola Teachers Change Lives

He loves every teacher he has had so far, but his two favorites were his 2nd-grade teacher, Ms. Sanford, and like me, his 4th-grade teacher, Ms. DiMeola (pictured above with my son after his performance in “Sarah Plain and Tall” at our local children’s theatre).

They both lit a spark in him. They both took an interest, even coming to see him in things that were not school-related. Taking their precious spare time to see him, meant the world to him.

Teachers change lives. I’ve seen it first hand. I’m sure you’ve heard stories of how just one teacher made a difference in a child’s life.

Maybe your life was affected by a great teacher, too.

Meet Cassie Cox…

She is a teacher at an alternative high school in Utah. This is the last stop for students before dropping out. Cassie is a former drop out who went on to earn her Masters Degree, and wants the same for her students. She gives them a second chance, and a new way to look at learning.

I bet you know a teacher who has spent their own money out of their own pocket every year. I know countless teachers that do. And teachers that are doing innovative things in their classrooms every single day to inspire their students. Teachers like my 4th-grade teacher, Mrs. Curry, and my son’s 4th-grade teacher, Ms.DiMeola, as well as Ms. Cox in the video above.

If you believe teachers can change lives, you can help!

  • Go to Teachers Change Lives
  • Click on the teal “Donate to a Teacher” box on the Teachers Change Lives website, which will take you to the Adopt-A-Classroom website
  • Follow the corresponding steps from there

You can help these teachers that are doing innovative things in their classrooms every day by donating. You can donate to the teacher highlighted in the video, or a teacher in your local community!

Adopt-A-Classroom is a nonprofit organization that helps connect donors with teachers to enhance the learning environment for students.

Office Depot and Adopt-A-Classroom have partnered to raise awareness about teachers, and all that they do in the lives of their students.

Thank you to all the teachers throughout my school years that inspired me and helped shape me into the person I am today.

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  1. There are a few teachers that really made a difference in my life. Even better is watching my children encounter teachers that make a difference in there lives.

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