Taking Time for Me This Summer #PGeveryday #sponsored

p Taking Time for Me This Summer

Me time this summer P&Geveryday #P&Geveryday

I’m actually pretty lucky in that my husband has always made it possible for me to have “me” time. That doesn’t mean I always take it… as most moms can attest to, we are used to putting everyone else first that it’s sometimes hard to put ourselves first.

I realized though that it really is important to take care of ‘me’ so I can give my best to those around me.

I was reading some articles on the P&Geveryday website recently and one particular article under the Family Life category just jumped out at me.

The article Mom Confessional: I’m Making Time for Me This Summer struck a chord and reinforced what I have been thinking for awhile now. Women, especially moms need to take “me” time.

And the summer is a great time to take me time.

I especially like the idea of writing a summer mission statement (my summer to do or summer bucket list, if you will).

Me time Pedicure

I think I’ll add getting a manicure twice a month and since I don’t like bike riding… I’ll take a walk at least 3 times a week and enjoy the evening summer weather.

This is just one of the reasons I love P&Geveryday… articles that give me the nudge I need to put me first. Articles that empower women. Not to mention some really delicious recipes and great beauty tips under the Food and Beauty categories.

You will also find a Health & Wellbeing, Home & Garden and Our Brands categories. When I run across a great website that I know my friends and readers can benefit from, I want to share it!  I’m sure the P&Geveryday website will become one of your favorites, just as it has mine.

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How do you plan on Taking time for YOU this summer?

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  1. I don’t think I’ll have much me time this summer 😉 It’s the last one we have as a family before we send our daughter off to college, so we’re keeping it focused around her as much as we can.

  2. Enjoy! It’s so important to remember yourself in the rush of mom life. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I always take more time for me and then my alarm goes off and I wake up! hahaha 🙂 It is so true being a mom it’s hard to find the time but so important! I need to work harder on this!

  4. Having “me” time is so important, but it’s sometimes so hard to get. I know I really need to do it more often. Just an hour here and there away from it all really helps.

  5. This summer I want to take some time to read and I’d like to go out with my friends a few times. My friend and I went to see Tim McGraw on Friday, it was so nice to get out!

  6. monthly pedicures! Theyre a must for me in the summer. I love the indulgence and relaxation they provide, and quiet time!

  7. I’m really looking forward to just taking some time offline to do things I enjoy with my family. The tough part about being a lifestyle blogger is that it’s like I’m working 24/7 since every moment is like a story to be documented.

  8. I’m headed to NY for a blogging trip, that will be a nice quick getaway for me. 🙂

  9. I think it’s awesome that your husband helps you get that much needed time for yourself. I cut back on work for the summer and have enjoyed some much needed relaxation.

  10. I am taking me time this summer by taking some time off work every week to do things I want to do rather than need to do. And a regular pedicure and walks are included.

  11. I tend to relax more in the summer. I like to sit outside and read in the sun and nap a little.

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