Love Yourself Enough to Take 5 Minutes for You

As a mom, it is so easy to get caught up with family and work responsibilities so much so that we oftentimes put everyone else first. It’s nice to get a helping hand from brands like today’s sponsor, Cafe Breaks through Acorn Influence. They want to help moms like me to recharge, relax, and take 5 for ourselves. 

Love yourself enough to take 5 with Cafe Breaks pudding cups from Ingles

I think being an older mom gives me a slight advantage over younger moms. I brought with my pregnancy and motherhood some life experiences, I may not have had otherwise.

For example, as you get older, time seems to go a lot faster (of course it doesn’t going any faster or slower – like when you can’t wait to turn 16), so I know that I need to savor every moment I have with my son. Because every time I blink, he’s older.

Don’t blink… I keep telling myself.

Another thing I know is, women, especially mothers, need to take time for themselves. Seriously, if you don’t put yourself first, you will run yourself down. Burn yourself out, and have nothing left to give.

You have to be your best, to give your best.

That’s why it’s important to take at least 5 minutes every chance you can, or at the very least once a day, just for YOU.

Make it a habit. Make it a priority to take 5 minutes for yourself. Take 10, 15, oh heck, an hour, just for some “Me” time, every day.

Love Yourself Enough to Take 5

I love myself enough to take 5 to recharge. Sometimes that is a girls night out, but most of the time it just me.

I recently heard about Cafe Breaks pudding cups and thought they would be great to incorporate into my “Take 5” every day. Using my Ibotta app, I headed to Ingles and bought two (4) packs of Cafe Breaks in Mocha and my favorite Caremel Latte.

Take 5 with Cafe Breaks using Ibotta at Ingles

It’s so easy to use the Ibotta offer and I love when I can get money back from buying things I already plan on purchasing anyway. Right now Ibotta has a $.50 back when you purchase 1 (4) pack Cafe Breaks.

Here are Some of the Ways I Take 5…

In the Sun, By the Pool

Take 5 with Cafe Breaks from Ingles using Ibotta app.

As long as you apply sunscreen often, being out in the sun is a great way to Take 5. Our bodies need sun exposure to get the Vitamin D it needs. Hanging out poolside with a good friend is also a great way to relax. I can enjoy a Cafe Breaks pudding cup by the pool, but since it has been so humid here, I thought I’d cool off by turning my pudding cup into a pudding pop.

It is so easy. I mean E-A-S-Y!

All you need is craft sticks, Cafe Breaks pudding cups in your favorite flavors, and a fridge with a freezer.

Take 5 with Cafe Breaks from Ingles using Ibotta app.

If you don’t have any craft sticks (if you got younger kids, you probably have them) they are cheap and can be found in any craft store or the craft section of most discount store.

Stick a craft stick into the center of the pudding cup, place in freezer, wait at least 2 hours, remove. I told ya it was easy!

Get Caught up in a Book

Take 5 with Cafe Breaks from Ingles using Ibotta app.

One of the best ways to Take 5 is get away with a good book. It can be a classic novel or a book purely for entertainments sake, as long as you have a little quiet time to escape (even if it is just in your head).

I can enjoy the great taste of a caramel latte flavored Cafe Breaks pudding while caught up in a good book and feel more energized afterwards.

Weight for It

Take 5 with Cafe Breaks from Ingles using Ibotta app.

I know what you’re thinking… How is exercise a good way to Take 5? Exercise releases endorphins in the brain helping to improve your mood. It relieves stress and helps promote a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention that working out, especially weight bearing exercises are important for women as we get older.

Take 5 with Cafe Breaks from Ingles using Ibotta app.

Plus the benefit is your body will look leaner and more toned.

I can enjoy a Cafe Breaks pudding cup as a post workout snack and I’m ready for anything.

Soak Away the Stress

Okay, if you have young kids it is difficult to Take 5 some days. I remember those days well. But it is even more important for you to take some “me” time for yourself. Luckily, my husband was wonderful about making sure I had time for myself when our son was a baby/toddler/pre-schooler, it meant a lot to me.

If however, you are finding it hard to get some alone time, tell your significant other that they have to keep an eye on the little ones and you go soak away the stress in a bubble bath.


Take a bubble bath with cafe breaks 1

As I said, if you are hard pressed for alone time and the tub is the only time you can get, take your Cafe Breaks pudding cup to the bath with you. I think any dessert wine or late harvest wine will pair well with the mocha flavored pudding. Just saying.

Work Break

Take 5 with Cafe Breaks from Ingles using Ibotta app.

Okay, work is inevitable. Whether it’s housework or our job/career, there is no avoiding it, at least not for too long. Even though we can’t avoid it, it’s important that we take breaks from work.

Trust me, this one is hard for me because I sit at my laptop and once I’ve started working that I lose track of time. If you work from home like me, this is so easy to do. I don’t know how many times I’ve looked at the time to see 5-6 hours have passed and I’ve not taken a break.

So Take 5 from your work to refuel and recharge. Your brain needs it.

About Cafe Breaks Pudding Cups

Cafe Breaks pudding cups are an economical way to indulge during your Take 5 times. They are only $1.39 for a 4-pack and with the Ibotta $.50 cash back offer, that’s a steal!

They are gluten free with milk as the first ingredient and convenient to keep stocked up on. And at 100 calories or less per cup, makes it a guilt-free Take 5 indulgence.

They come in 4 delicious flavors:

  • Caramel Latte (my fave)
  • Mocha Latte
  • Chai Latte
  • French Vanilla Latte

The next time your at Ingles be sure to grab a pack or two, or four in the snack aisle where you find the other pudding products.


Take 5 with Cafe Breaks pudding cups from Ingles with IBotta offer.

If you notice, I incorporate things that are healthy for me, whether it’s physical like exercise or mental like reading a book, all of my take 5 minutes (or more) help to keep me healthy — mind, body, and soul.

I would love to hear how you Take 5 and if you make it a priority?

We want YOU to love yourself enough to Take 5 by giving you the opportunity to win a $250 Ingles gift card. Enter on the form below. Good luck!

$250 Ingles Gift Card – Cafe Breaks Pudding


  1. My open-ended question is: How much calcium is the Cafe Breaks Pudding? Also, do they contain caffeine?

    They sound so delicious, especially out of the freezer! I can’t wait to give them a try!!!

  2. These look absolutely delicious and was wondering if they need to be refrigerated? Also how much fat/sugar are in each cup?

  3. Oh my goodness you are too funny, I love this blog. You talk about food and taking time for yourself, I am sold. You are like my best friend already. I love your recipes and humor. Thanks for a little pick me up. Now the way I take 5 is to take a long hot bath with lots of bubbles, and if there’s time a short movie. Your awesome.

    1. Author

      LOL! Thank you, Deborah! I’m so glad I could provide you with a “little pick me up.” 🙂 A bubble bath and good movie are great ways to take 5!

  4. The pops are such a good idea.

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