Supplementing a Child’s Education


We decided to send our son to public school. We enrolled him in preschool, two days a week, just before he turned 4 years old and discovered that he loves school! The reason for our decision to send him to preschool was for socialization and preparedness for kindergarten. He is an only child and we were concerned with his socialization. We recently went to a kindergarten roundup at the school he will be attending in August, and he is so excited about it. He asked, “When do I get to go to big boy school” and is ready to go now! My husband and I discussed home schooling, and we will leave that door open as an option if we are not happy with his public schooling, and decided that for our son at this time it may not be the perfect choice. I have a degree in elementary education, but feel that my son would benefit more from someone other than his mother teaching him at this time. He is so smart and quick-witted, but gets a bit stubborn when it comes to working with me. He also seems to take after me, and loves socializing. I always loved school! It was an important part of my childhood and he seems to be the same way.

Now, with this being said, we also think it is very important for us to supplement his education. What I mean by that is, not to let just the school/teacher be responsible for the sole education of our child. How well rounded our son will be if in addition to what he is learning at school, he is learning above and beyond that at home. As an example, right now he attends preschool on Tuesday and Thursdays. So on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, we give him a piano, reading, writing and math lesson. We spend approximately 15 minutes per lesson, because at this age their attention spans are still relatively short. Now, we play games and tell stories and just talk to him, in ways that are fun or in play where he is learning, but he doesn’t realize it.

I feel it is vital that whatever you decide to do regarding your child’s/children’s education, whether you home school or send them to a public or private school, is be involved. If you home school, make the effort to provide your child/children with socialization opportunities, as well as, opportunities for them to get instruction from other adults besides yourself on occasion. If you decide to send your child/children to school, make sure to supplement your kid’s education. The results will be a child that is so much more well rounded and prepared for any situation.

I will share with you some of the things I have chosen to do to supplement my son’s education and provide you with tips and resources to help you. So check back often.

Hope to hear from you! Enjoy life!!!