Summer Family Vacation? 4 Must Have Apps To Stay Safe

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Last year, one in five Americans had planned on taking a summer vacation, according to several surveys. At least half of those people indicated that they would take take two or more trips during the warmer months. Each year, the number of people taking summer vacation rises.

What this means is that travel can be more hectic and competitive for travelers. Here are 4 cellphone apps that families and individuals can use to make their trips more safe and smooth.

1. TripIt   Includes a calendar feed to plan and track trips. For instance, when airlines send confirmation emails, users simply forward them into the program. The intuitive design recognizes users through email addresses and standard confirmation emails. TripIt also adds all other trip details, such as weather, rentals and flight status.

This makes it possible for users to have all their trip confirmation data in one handy app. Also, it lets users in the same designated network view the trip details of others.

2. Pocket First Aid And CPR   It includes useful tutorials in case of minor issues as well as emergencies. While out and about, those critical few moments can mean the difference between a minor injury or illness and a major catastrophe.

The program is designed to walk users through best practice reminders on properly administering life saving techniques. Users should run through the system beforehand to get a feel for how it works. For instance, pose a theoretical situation and watch the tutorials and other information to see how to apply the data quickly and effectively.

Travelers should also keep essential in case of emergency (ICE) phone numbers for EMTs, doctors and other people who have access to medical and health data for the family.

As noted by one North Carolina personal injury law firm, “Our bodies will often use adrenaline to help us get out of dangerous situations and the adrenaline can mask injuries we may have suffered. It is always important to see a doctor, outside of using a first aid app, if you are injured.” Designate a person who is not going on the trip to be a point of contact to coordinate information should an emergency situation arise.

3. TripBridge   This pushes travel plans from smartphones or tablets to vehicle navigation systems. It allows for remote browsing of maps and sets destinations on cars. There is also a navigable itinerary that highlights all points of interest.

The inclusion of Foursquare makes trips collaborative and social, without the necessity of looking down at the mobile device. This added feature is especially important during road trips to eliminate the possibility of distracted driving.

Keep in mind that most every state has enacted laws concerning distracted driving, so use caution and headset devices.

4. AroundMe   This lists some of the best options in every category for whatever travelers seek. The intuitive interface indicates how far away each destination is and provides maps that show the best routes to get there. From casual eating, to fine dining and drinks, to family friendly activities, it is all there and easily accessible for travelers to peruse.

Also, travelers should be mindful of using their cell phone and other mobile devices as safely as possible. From distracted drivers to possible street crimes, always be aware of dangerous surroundings and give navigation by car and foot full attention at all times.

Above all, never text while driving or drive under the influence of either alcohol, drugs or medicines that may impair your ability. The chance of fatal accidents and high costs of medical care, court and legal fees and insurance premium increases far exceed what most people ever realize they could.

Using the above tips and apps can make travel much less stressful so that everyone can have as pleasant an experience as possible, regardless of the mode of travel or destination.

Nadine Swayne offers this information to those traveling during the lazy days of summer. Powers McCartan, PLLC, a North Carolina personal injury law firm, can assist vacationers who unfortunately suffer an injury during their trip. Their knowledgeable staff works with clients during all phases of their case and helps them back on the road to recovery.


  1. I have heard of Tripit but not the others. I just love the Pocket First Aid And CPR app. What a wonderful one to have anytime. Not just for trips. You just never know when you are going to be in need yourself, for someone you or with or happen upon. Thank you for sharing. My son is going to Myrtle Beach in a couple of weeks and I will make sure he has it.

  2. I have the Around Me app and have actually used it a lot. It’s really helpful when you are looking for some place specific.

  3. Those are all good tips. The beach photo looks so nice. I wish I could find a secluded spot like that.

  4. Pocket First Aid & CPR is definitely a good one to download BEFORE something happens.

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  6. It’s great also to take a good SPF if your going to be in the sun!

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    I will check these apps out!! Thanks!

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  12. I love TripIt. The rest sound good too!

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  18. I have tripit but I will have to check out the others!!

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