The Sweet and Dirty Truth: Stevia vs. Aspartame

I love sweets. And I don’t care to admit I have a sugar addiction. However, I don’t love the calories. So oftentimes, I use a sugar substitute like Stevia. Or I just limit the amount of sugar I use/eat. This isn’t always easy, though. It’s an ongoing battle. But one thing I do NOT have is anything with Aspartame in it in my home.

My husband and I are adamant that our son does not eat or drink anything containing Aspartame, at least the best we can. And honestly, I’m not sure if Stevia is really good for you, I’m still doing some research on this. There are new artificial sweeteners on the market all the time and I foresee more and more introduced to consumers as time goes on.

We just have to do our due diligence and know what we are putting in our and our family’s bodies.

Is Aspartame bad for you? Now this question I do feel I know the answer to…

And it’s a question many people ask. I love this infographic that compares Stevia and Aspartame. It’s astounding the number of people who now consume products that contain sugar-free sweeteners.

Check out the sweet and dirty truth for yourself: Stevia vs. Aspartame

Stevia vs Aspartame

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As you can see from the infographic the concerns with aspartame are serious and things that really concern me. And with aspartame in over 6,000 products (and growing every day) worldwide, it’s something worth worrying about.

For the record, I do not judge anyone who consumes products containing aspartame. It’s an individual choice that each of us has to make for ourselves. I just suggest doing your own research and make an informed decision.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional, it is just my humble opinion as a mom who has done a lot of reading and researching, I don’t think aspartame is good for us.


  1. Very interesting post. I learned a lot about Stevia.

  2. grat post

  3. This makes me so glad I stopped drinking Coke Zero!

  4. The smarter choice is stevia, or no sugar at all. However, I have an awful sweet tooth, so I will pick stevia or natural sugar.

  5. I use stevia quite a bit lately, but don’t like it in everything

  6. Artificial sweeteners are scary! Yay for natural options.

  7. Wow… This is very interesting! Thanks for the facts.

  8. Stevia is definitely the better of the two.

  9. I love stevia- I wish every soda company switched to using it!

  10. I quit using aspartame many years ago but was surprised to find the ingredient in an energy drink packet I was drinking. It looked pretty natural by the ingredients but I always felt so bloated. Turns out it was sweetened with Aspartame. That stuff will bloat you! 🙂

  11. Wow, I never realized how bad for you aspertame really is. Makes me want to quit diet soda for good.

  12. I only use stevia or raw, local honey to sweeten. I try to void chemicals in my food. We have to read labels really well, because they sneak it in to all kinds of food.

  13. I stopped drinking or eating anything with Aspartame eons ago. It always triggered headaches!

  14. I love seeing graphics like this It really wakes you up to things. We have never used aspartame which I’m so grateful for

  15. I don’t use artificial sweeteners. Luckily for me, I don’t have a sweet tooth.
    Thanks for this infographic. This is very informative and useful.

  16. Very interesting! I try to avoid any artificial sweetener but this is a great comparison of the two.

  17. I know I’m not a big fan of sweetners other than natural sugars but this is very informative.

  18. I didn’t realize there was such a big difference. Very interesting!

  19. Thank you for sharing! I’ve switched to Stevia last year and haven’t looked back since. I am so glad it exists! lol

  20. I have never tried stevia. This graphic is eye opening.

  21. I have heard so many scary facts about aspartame in recent years that I’m surprised it’s still legal.

  22. I’ll admit I used to be a aspartame user. But after learning more about it, it just scares me. Plus I was developing headaches from it.
    I do keep stevia at home, but lately I’ve been using honey or no sweetener at all. It took some getting used to (going without the sweetness) but now I prefer it.

  23. Thanks for the infographic. I am very much against aspartame myself. The history of this additive shows that it never should have been approved by the fda and was actually turned down many times before someone got paid off to allow it in our food supply, (thanks Donald Rumsfeld). I have listened to some lectures by Dr. Russell Blaylock a leading Neurosurgeon who exposes the dangers of aspartame as being an excitotoxin that crosses the blood brain barrier. Very scary stuff. Just goes to show that we all have to be vigilant in researching what we put in our bodies. I love stevia!

  24. We are not fans of artificial sweeteners in our home. We don’t have it to put in food or buy things that contain it.

  25. We’ve tried the Zevia and love most of the flavors, there are a couple thought that just don’t hold up to their “counterparts.” I’m not a big stickler on artificial sweeteners though as most things that we buy that might contain them we consume in moderation.

  26. Because I drink diet soda in such large quantities, this worries the heck out of me. Actually I’m very nearly off of diet soda. Sooooo close!

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