Cyberbullying: Let’s Put a Stop to It Today

Cyberbullying is no laughing matter. While most young kids who are active online tend to ignore the potential consequences of being mean to others over the internet, victims of cyberbullying don’t take it so lightly.

And most people, whether child or adult, is completely unaware of the fact that there are actually six different types of cyberbullying – this is how complex the problem is, and how varied the situations can be.

Cyberbullying can come in the form of harassment, denigration, outing, trickery, exclusion or all-out cyberstalking. But the children who partake in these activities just don’t understand the ramifications of their online actions. Less than 40 percent of kids think about the effect their online actions will have on the reputations of others.

And more than half of kids (51 percent) don’t think that posting photos, videos or other information about themselves online could be harmful.

So what can you do, as a parent or as an adult or leader in a place where these children learn? First, you must be aware of how the children you teach are using technology. You need to watch for signs of cyberbullying and teach your kids how to block people from their mobile devices if they’re being bullied.

For more information on cyberbullying statistics, check out the infographic below.


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If you suspect your child is being bullied in any way, open up the lines of communication with your teen and have honest open dialogues today.