Stacation Survival Guide – Part One

I talked about ‘stacations’ in an earlier post and felt that we could all benefit with some more information regarding stacations.  To refresh your memories a stacation is a stay at home vacation…you can check the first post here.

The concept of stacations has been born out of necessity, because of the growing prices in gas…and the domino effect resulting from the ever-increasing price of fuel.  So I was thinking of some things that it would be nice to have to make our stacations more enjoyable.  A stacation survival guide if you will…

First, a swimming pool would be nice.  If you don’t have a swimming pool in your backyard and you have young kids, buy one of those cheap swimming pools.  All you need is something for the kids to cool off in.  If you live less than 15 miles of a public swimming pool, this can be a reasonably cheap way to spend a summer day.  The key is to be able to incorporate water to stay cool and have fun.

You also need backyard games.  There are several things you can do as a family that can provide hours of entertainment in your own backyard.  Try some of these:

  • Volley ball – is a great sport for many reasons.  It is great exercise, it is fun and it’s competitive.  It is fairly easy to understand so the whole family can be involved.  All you need is a net and a volleyball.
  • Badminton – you can find badminton sets relatively cheap.  In fact, you can use your net from you badminton set for volleyball.  Badminton is fun and actually calming game.  I remember playing it when I was younger and really enjoyed it. 
  • Bocce Ball – is a great lawn game if you have a large yard.  In addition, bocce ball isn’t for old people anymore.
  • Corn hole – is a fun and safe game for all ages!  While the game of cornhole originated in 1999 in Cincinnati, Ohio it is popular in many places because it is such and easy and fun game for children, adults and seniors. The corn, sand or bean filled bags are lightweight and can easily be tossed by those of all ages.  All you need to play corn hole is small corn, sand or bean filled bags usually made of duck cloth. These can be found at many department stores and game stores alike and are relatively inexpensive. The other item you will need for this game is a 4 foot by 2-foot board with a hole at the upper center that is large enough for your corn-filled bags to be tossed through. The bags are generally 6 inches by 6 inches (filled loosely) and therefore the hole in your playing board needs to only be about 6 to 7 inches across the center.  This is the cheapest corn hole game I could find.  However, if you have a handyman for a husband here are instructions on how to build your own corn hole board.  You can even make the bags yourself.  So whether you make it yourself or buy a corn hole game, it will provide hours of fun for the whole family!

These are just a few ideas for your stacation survival kit.  I will give you more ideas later.  So check back and if you want to keep updated subscribe to my rss feed.  If you have some ideas for stacationing let us know.  Hope to hear from you!  Enjoy Life!!!