Spring Pest Control Tips

This is a sponsored post. All opinions regarding spring pest control tips are 100% my own.

Spring will soon be in the air, and along with the sunshine, blue skies, and warm weather we also have… PESTS!

But you can take steps now to ensure that your wonderful spring season steers clear of bothersome pests that have patiently waited all winter to attack your home. Let’s look at some simple pest controlling actions that could pay off huge dividends for your Spring enjoyment.


Spring Pest Control Tips

Maintain a Barrier Between the House and the Landscaping

A good rule of thumb to follow when optimizing your home for pest avoidance is to maintain a three-foot barrier between the house and the landscape. Why is this a good idea?

Landscaping, while it absolutely creates curb appeal and creates a happy, full of life environment, can also be conducive to pests entering your home. Many of nature’s less popular creatures, including rodents, earwigs, centipedes, pillbugs, and more, will make a home in the conditions that landscaping provides.

In some cases, some pests are actually symbiotic with the plants, making them healthier and more beautiful. But you’ll want to keep the creatures where they belong.

Keeping a barrier is a simple way to ensure that they don’t stray into any cracks or crevices that might otherwise invite them in to stay for a long while.

Inspect and/or Install Seals on doors and Windows

Speaking of unknown cracks or crevices that could allow unwanted guests into your home, be sure to check your doors and windows for broken or missing seals. But don’t stop there, since Mother Nature’s pests have been at this game for a long time.

Watch for crawl spaces and plumbing pipes that could serve as an entry point into your home. Even a small hole or crack can serve as a main thoroughfare for the bug brigade, so watch carefully for torn weatherstripping or exterior gaps.

When you find a weak link in your defense perimeter, take action accordingly.  You may need to replace tired or damaged weatherstripping and in some cases, you will find that a caulking gun is your best tool in protecting your home from pests.

While you are at it, make sure that any window screens are in good shape, without stretched or torn openings that could permit a winged warrior to invade your domicile.

Get Rid of Standing Water

Water is an important component of life, and it is essential for pest breeding grounds. By eliminating sources of stagnant water you can stop generations of pests before they can even start. Inspect areas around your home for standing water that could invite bugs to discover that magical romantic spark.

One of the best ways to find these areas is to look for sources of water. Faulty plumbing can easily create a bug oasis if it is not serviced promptly. Even a tiny drop can accumulate a lot of moisture throughout the course of a day.

Gutters and downspouts can be a key source of standing water. In some cases, gutters can become blocked before they get a chance to enter the drain, creating stagnant water perfect for pest breeding but out of view from the pestered homeowner.

Any downspouts or drains need to evacuate away from the house in a timely manner. Water will always find its level, and a ground depression or dip along the water path can be a perfect location for stagnant water to collect.

To avoid these potential problems, be sure to inspect and clean your gutters and downspouts on a regular schedule, April showers may bring May flowers, but you don’t want them to also bring the breeding grounds for pests.

With a little effort and planning, including help from technological solutions like Pocomos,  you will find that pest-proofing your home is an easy way to ensure a happier and healthier Spring. And I don’t know about you, but I am looking forward to Spring this year, preferably without the unwanted guests.