Spice Up Your Style: 5 Accessories for the Confident Woman

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The Power of Shoes

It’s difficult to find a pair of shoes that instills hate. Shoes are a fashion hit for most women and finding that perfect pair can instill passion and happiness. They can also spice up a dull and boring wardrobe. From the hottest heels and boots to designer flats and sandals, you don’t want to underestimate the effect a pair of shoes can have on your appearance.

If you work in a very corporate office try using your shoes to add a splash of color and personality to your executive wardrobe. For instance if you are wearing a navy blue or black suit try wearing a pair of red pumps or a pair of navy blue pumps with a red bow on the back of the shoe.

Go Big with Jewelry

Today’s confident woman does not have to wait for someone else to adorn them in jewels. Traditional jewelry stores are great for purchasing everything from estate style jewelry to fashion jewelry. However, street fairs, farmer’s markets, boutiques and thrift stores are ideal for getting your bling on and shining bright like a gem. The Victorian look is no longer limited to royalty, and you can dress up any outfit with this magnetic style.

Whether you’re wearing denim or fancy duds, you’re sure to make a splash with neon jewelry. This stylish design is ideal for today’s confident woman who knows what’s hot and trendy. Since this is a time to express yourself, you won’t be afraid to wear statement jewelry such as large link bracelets and bold cuffs.

Scarves and Belts

Accessories are cost-efficient, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to jazz up your appearance. Scarves are another hit of the season and can liven up any outfit. They can also be utilized in an assortment of styles such as around your neck, used as a belt and draped over your shoulders as a shawl. Bold colors, soft fabrics and geometric patterns can make this fashion statement a wonderful luxury.

In addition to creating a stylish way to a killer look, scarves are also a popular fashion statement when you’re looking to keep warm.

Bags and Wallets

Staying organized and trendy is an ideal combination for keeping your life in order. Stylish handbags can hold everything from lipstick and makeup to business cards and an e-reader. There are a number of hot styles that can keep the contents of your purse organized and allow you to look hip. Leather, cloth, bold colors and intimate clutches are just a few of the offerings.

The Hats are On

If you’re looking to take your style to the next level, you’ll find that hats are the ultimate in fashion accessories. No longer strictly utilized to keep warm, hats are embarking on their own as a valuable fashion accessory. Cloche, cowboy, faux fur and fedora’s can complement any confident woman’s outfit.

Elegance is at the top of the fashion chain this season and women looking to make a statement can go big with the above trends. Scorching colors, soft materials and chic styles can make a woman’s wardrobe go from drab to fab with any of the above accessories.

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  1. I’m really getting into scarves– they totally make an outfit.

  2. I’ve never worn a hat other then a baseball cap but I definitely need some new shoes!

  3. I’m really boring with accessories but I do love to switch up my handbags!

  4. Shoes are the easiest way for me to accessorize — teaching preschool, my kids play with the jewelry or wipe their noses on scarves. Ugh!

  5. I definitely need to get better about accessorizing, although I don’t think I will ever be the type to wear heels or lots of jewelry.

  6. Accessorizing is so fun! Statement necklaces are probably my favorite.

  7. I can’t do heels but my flats are so cute and definitely give me that boost 🙂

  8. The right accessories can totally make an outfit! I love jewelry and how it can just make an outfit pop!

  9. I’m a handbag fiend – I have so many of them, but I love how I can change up my look just by changing out my handbag!

  10. My closet is literally filled with lots of colorful scarves, I wear them around my neck and as a head accessory. I even dress my handbags up with them, too.

  11. I love statement jewelry so much! I really want to get into the whole scarf thing too. They’re so pretty with so many outfits!

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