Some More Creative Ways To Keep And Display Your Photos

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The job of photos is of course to remind us of happy times gone by and to immortalize moments in our lives, places we’ve been and people we’ve met. Of course though in order for any of this to work we also need to actually look at those pictures, which is unfortunately something that many of us will tend to forget. How often do you honestly get out your photo album to have a look through old memories and to have a laugh at the things you used to get up to?

The answer for most of us is not often – and worse is the fact that while those photos sit in draws and on sideboards, they’ll often become dog eared and faded and lose some of the charm and the gloss that they once held.

As such then it’s important to try and get more creative with the way you want to display your photos and dress them up so that you and others will get to see them more regularly and in a more interesting way – particularly the ones that you are most proud of or that have a particular sentimental value for you.

Here are a few things to consider…

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Creating an Album or a Photo Book: if you make a really nice album of photo book then this can be a good way to at least preserve those pictures, and it’s a perfect way to share them with others when you have guests by just flicking through the pages. Photo books are particularly good because you can keep the original photo, and because you can arrange them anyway you like and include messages and other elements.

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Printing: You can also get you photos printed on all kinds of other things, from keychains, to mugs to jigsaw puzzles. Any of these things will mean that you see the image every time you go to use that item, and at the same time it means that the material the photo is printed on will be more resilient and less likely to fold or fade.

Put Them in a Drawer: Something I once saw someone do which I thought was very nice was to keep a photo of someone they loved in a drawer. This way every time they opened the draw to get something out, they would see the picture and be reminded of the person. It’s unconventional, but it makes a lot of sense. Likewise you can attach photos to the frame of a bathroom mirror, and that way you’ll see them every time you go to shave or wash your hands – Rocky Balboa style.

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Canvas: If you have a great landscape shot you’re really proud of, then a great way to use this is to print it out onto one or several canvases and then hang them on your wall. If you split the image across multiple canvases this creates a very modern and very stylish look.

Digital Photo Frame: A digital photoframe is likewise a great way to utilize your pictures and because it moves from time to time it’s far more likely to catch your eye and to bring up an image of something you’d perhaps forgotten.

Lisa Robinson is an expert healthcare professional and an avid photographer. She advocates the use of good quality digital photo books for cherishing your memories.


  1. I have always wanted to put some of my photos on a canvas.

  2. I plan to go back and make tons of photo books with all the pictures I have of my kids.

  3. I LOVE canvas photos. I have a few now and would love to add some more once I have room LOL

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