Soccer Has Gone Global Like Never Before

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Something big, I mean really BIG is taking place this year. What is this something BIG, you ask? For the first time in 2016 football — or as we Americans call it — soccer, fans get a rare chance to follow the two biggest continental championships at the same time!

That’s right, soccer fans around the world have a unique opportunity this year as both the Americas Cup and European Championship are taking place at the same time. The 45th edition of the Americas Cup is the Centennial one, and the first time it takes place in the U.S.

There will be 16 teams playing 24 matches, with the championship drawing in more than 533 million in a TV audience. That is huge.

The 15th edition of the Euro Cup will be taking place across 10 cities in France with 24 teams playing over 50 matches — the most ever. A TV audience of 377 million is expected, also breaking broadcast records.

These football events will draw in some of the most passionate fans across the globe tuning in to watch their favorite teams in action. Did you know that an estimated 265 million people around the world play soccer? I grew up in a time an area where soccer was rarely heard of, I know, crazy, but it is true. So 265 million now playing soccer across the globe is amazing.

SAP is Changing the Game of Soccer

And SAP is right in the center of the action with two new prototype solutions helping the German National Football Team train and prepare for opponents and upcoming matches like never before.

Soccer really has just exploded across the world over the last decade or more and it’s easy to see why soccer fans are such fanatics over the sport.

Get some more fun facts on these two Continental championships in the infographic here and check out how SAP is changing the game!”

Soccer has gone global... SAP changing football infographic