Skin Problems That No Skincare Can Fix

If skincare products were to be believed, you would find miracles in a bottle and no one would have any lines, wrinkles, or other skin problems. And no matter what your issue is with your skin, there’s a product out there that is designed to fix it. These products promise huge changes for relatively little investment of time; apply a moisturizer, dab on a serum, and you can leave your skincare issues behind.

Skin problems that no skincare can fix

However, there are some skin problems that just can’t be fixed by an expensive product and a rigorous application regime. These are issues that exist at a dermal level; a level that no topical product is going to be able to penetrate. You might see skincare products claiming they can fix these issues, but these claims are inherently incorrect.

So before you go spending a fortune to fix a skincare concern, read through this list of issues that no topical cream or natural skincare product is going to be able to fix.

For the most part, the below issues can only be eradicated with the help of the likes of and other expert dermatologists– so don’t be tempted to buy over-the-counter products that claim to be able to rectify…

Skin Problems That No Skincare Can Fix

#1 – Expression Lines

Expression lines are entirely natural. When we smile, frown, or press our faces against a pillow at night, our skin forms these lines. These lines become more pronounced as we age due to the natural loss of collagen we all experience after the age of 21.

Expression lines cannot be cured by topical creams; to be rid of them, you will need specialist surgical assistance. Topical creams can make a difference for fine lines and even wrinkles, but expression lines are the product of years of living– they can’t be fixed by a moisturizer.

#2 – Broken Capillaries

Broken capillaries can give your skin an uneven, broken appearance; something that you’ll likely want to hide if you suffer from this issue.

Sadly, when a capillary is broken, it’s broken; there’s no skincare in the world that can bring it back to life. Only intensive treatment options can reduce the appearance of broken capillaries; even this can’t actually fix the problem, just make it less obvious. Step away from skincare that claims to be able to fix or disguise capillaries; it’s not possible.

#3 – Enlarged Pores

Pores are genetic; your pores are the size that they are, and sadly, there is next to nothing you can do about them.

What skincare can do is clean your pores, which will — albeit temporarily — make them appear smaller. There is nothing you can buy over-the-counter that will allow you to permanently eradicate enlarged pores from your life, however.

#4 – Dark Eye Circles

Dark eye circles are purely physiological in nature; they’re not a skincare problem. As we age, the skin around our eyes becomes more transparent, exposing the shadows and contour of our facial structure beneath. Skincare cannot add extra layers to your skin to compensate for this issue.

You can, however, conceal the appearance of dark eye shadows by following the tips suggested on

To Conclude

Skincare can do a lot of wonderful things and improve the appearance of your face in a variety of ways– but it can’t fix every problem you experience. Just be wary when buying skincare products… treating any skincare product that claims to be able to fix the above skin problems with extreme scepticism.