Six Terrific Educational iOS Apps for K Through 12

With the start of the school year just around the corner, thoughts turn to school supplies, clothing and text book rentals. Considering the increasing number of schools that allow sponsored mobile devices, such as iPads, in the classroom, educational apps for iOS devices might seem in order. The six apps below are among the best educational iOS apps for grades K through 12.

Word Lens Apple iPhone iPad App

Word Lens

This free foreign language app can translate common foreign languages in written form. Using the device’s camera, the app scans the script and translates it to a chosen language. The app for iPhones and iPads translates to and from English. While included in school-age apps, Word Lens can assist a user of any age.

Math Ref Free iPhone iPad App

Math Ref Free

If schools do not allow connection to the Internet in math classes, students cannot access the world’s biggest and best mathematical search engine, Wolfram Alpha. Instead, Math Ref Free provides offline access to over 600 mathematical formulas, graphs and equations, for both in-class and out-of-class use.

Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant iPhone iPad App

Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant

If your child’s school does allow Internet access, any higher math student will come to appreciate Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant. Not only does this app grant direct access to the world-famous search engine but also can connect to supercomputers via 2G, 3G or WiFi connections.

Wolfram Research also provides equally comprehensive apps for calculus, astronomy, fractals, general chemistry, physics, statistics, personal finance and more.

Each Wolfram app for iPhone and iPad is a paid app, however.

Drawing Pad app for iPhone and iPad

Drawing Pad

Targeted toward younger kids, Drawing Pad allows the inner artist to come out and play. Eco-friendly, this finger-paint app provides a paint-free drawing environment for free-hand sketches or five illustrated books via in-app purchase.

The young users touches a colored well on the screen, and the color appears where the screen is pressed.

The creations can be shared via Facebook, Twitter or via email with an Internet connection. Share your child’s creativity with family and friends easily and quickly from your iPhone.

Piano for Kids app for iPhone and iPad

Piano for Kids

Entertain your child as he learns about colors, sounds, numbers and even the alphabet. The Piano for Kids houses 140 distinct sounds, and with your guidance, it can help strengthen and teach while your child composes a song or just random sounds.

TeachMe: Toddler app for iPhone and iPad

TeachMe: Toddler

Let your child learn about numbers, pronunciation, colors, counting and shapes with TeachMe: Toddler. These fundamental subjects are key to your child’s formal education and helps solidify the foundation off which his education will build.

The iOS app works on a reward system: When your child completes a module correctly, he is rewarded with either a badge or a shield. You can monitor your child’s progress on each subject, which enables your reinforcement and your own reward system, even if it’s a loving hug.

TeachMe also has a 1st grade edition with elevated difficulty and challenges befitting the average first-grader.

Note: Some of the above apps may work on iPod Touch as well as on iPhones and iPads.

by Jaye Ryan, a freelance author who loves to write about mobile devices and apps for


  1. Word Lens would be great for foreign travel too! Think airports and train stations.

  2. This is a GREAT list, wow! So many are so useful!!

  3. Kids Schmids I LOVE that first one! I want to use it myself just for fun. Here in S. Florida we have a lot of signs in Spanish I think I will test it out.

  4. Great List. TeachMe is my daughter’s favorite. Also recommend Splash Math apps.

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