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Silent Sunday: ‘Web’ Sites

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: September 9, 2012 | Categories: Health and Fitness, Nature, Photography, Silent Sunday
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Looks like a web of diamonds

A huge web…

What a tangled web we weave…


39 Responses to Silent Sunday: ‘Web’ Sites

  1. Tammy says:

    Webs are cool, as long as there are no spiders in them.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I HATE spiders but looking at their webs (IN PICTURES) is pretty cool.

  3. Angie French says:

    It is amazing to me that something that looks like a spider can create something so beautiful. Like a fingerprint, no two are the same!

  4. Jenn says:

    So beuatiful….as long as the spider is gone. LOL

  5. Wow those are really cool looking but also sort of creepy!!

  6. Billie says:

    I’ve seen a lot of spider webs lately, these are really cool pictures.

  7. Kelly says:

    Beautiful! My husband hates spiders so he would tear down those cob webs in seconds.

    • @Kelly, my husband does too. It cracks my son up, because when my hubby sees a spider he yells for me to come take care of it. And my husband is NOT a small man. 🙂

  8. Awesome photography of spiderwebs. Can’t stand spiders but those are pretty cool.

  9. Holly Thomas says:

    I had a beautiful one one my window, but the spider came with it!! 🙁

  10. Courtney says:

    we have a huge spider by us. his web is incredible.

  11. Meg Tucker says:

    This absolutley does look like a web of Diamonds. Hope you don’t mind if I “steal” it! Again…simply beautiful!

  12. HilLesha says:

    Beautiful…..as long as they’re not within my vicinity! =)

  13. katklaw777 says:

    Great pics…I luv the icy one at the end!

  14. barbara tryon says:

    I have never ssn something more beautiful, thank you for sharing!

  15. Stefanie says:

    I hate spiders, but their webs are cool to look at.

  16. Stefani says:

    I wish all spiders were harmless.

  17. I love that last web, it’s pattern is so different.

  18. Lolo says:

    Spider webs are so beautiful and delicate.

  19. Carrie says:

    Beautiful pictures!

  20. Kathleen says:

    Those are some great photos. It always amazes me how quickly they can make their webs.

  21. Those are some amazing spider webs!

  22. These are way cool…as long as I don’t walk into one.

  23. debra says:

    Those webs are so beautiful and intricate.

  24. Colleen says:

    Wow amazing, how a not so loved spider can make something so beautiful.

  25. I don’t like spiders, but their webs are amazing!

  26. Leilani says:

    I was just telling my husband that we need to buy some yarn so I can start creating fake spider webs around the house for Halloween.

  27. Can’t show my husband this post! He hates, hates, HATES spider webs … nearly more than the spider!

  28. Alene Nielsen says:

    Beautiful photography.

  29. clever little bugs aren’t they

  30. Theresa says:

    Beautiful shots!

  31. Sheri says:

    I have a major spider phobia, but I did look and the webs are pretty.

  32. Marcie W. says:

    What cool photos and I love the post title as well!

  33. Lillea says:

    I love the intricacy of webs and always feel bad if I have to go through my door after a web has been attached overnight, wrecking the web.

  34. Toni says:

    Ack I am not a fan of spiders but those are some pretty amazing pics

  35. Mike Davis says:

    What a beautiful picture of a web–it just shines