Should Nintendo’s Wii Fit Call Our Children Overweight


I happened upon this interesting post at Nerd Beach. It is about the controversy over Nintendo’s Wii Fit. It seems that leading obesity experts in the UK are upset that Wii Fit uses BMI to pigeonhole children as being underweight, ideal or overweight. They are calling for the Wii Fit to be banned for sale to children. I can see, to a point, their reasoning, behind this action. I mean, I know how skewed the BMI scale is for adults, and don’t think it should be strictly adhered to as far as children are concerned.

The Wii Fit does not call children playing it “fat” but overweight so this isn’t as bad as one may first discern. However, I agree with Greg, the author of the Nerd Beach blog, that it could prove embarrassing to children, if while playing it with their friends it says they are overweight (even if it is obvious to all involved).

I do agree that it is up to your child’s pediatrician and you the parent to decide if your child is overweight, not a Nintendo Wii Fit. I suggest taking away the whole BMI and how much your child weighs out of it and just concentrate on the exercise aspect. I am all for anything that will encourage our children to move.

If you have an opinion on the Wii Fit, I would love to hear it. Hope to hear from you! Enjoy Life!!!