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When it comes to Prom, the dress is everything. Little details on a dress can make the difference between fair and fabulous, so it’s important to look around and pick something you really love.

Cocktail dress for prom
Cocktail dresses are a classic style that still keep their breathtaking appeal. Bold, flirty colors are a fun way to bring this 1950’s favorite into the 21st century. Pinks, reds, blues, purples, yellows and more all fit with this strapless and form-fitting design. The lace and embroidery texture details help the solid color really pop, and an accented bracelet puts on the perfect finishing touch.

mermaid style prom dress
Another dress that’s really starting to make a comeback this year is the mermaid cut. These dresses feature a flowing, sensual design that goes all the way down to the floor. It’s the type of dress you might imagine a princess in as she strolls through a courtyard and listens to beautiful music. In a word – fantastic. Various designs like stripes, snowflakes and diamonds accent the otherwise smooth flow of the dress.

halter prom dress
For a flashier look, lots of young women are opting for halter and v-neck style prom dresses this year. A v-neck gives a great accent to your bust line while maintaining modest coverage of your shoulders. A halter dress really rocks when you want to dance the night away, keeping everything in its place so you can just enjoy the night.

modest prom dress
Some girls want to be true princesses, and a more modest prom dress certainly fits the bill. Rather than relying on flashy textures and racy cuts, these dresses offer a true sense of fashion and couture design. Deep, rich purples and silky smooth turquoise bring a truly royal look.

Lots of these fashions are now available online, so you don’t have to go from store to store to find the dress that you love. You can shop at a site like and look over hundreds of designs, colors and cuts. With such a great variety of dresses, you’re sure to find the one that’s absolutely perfect for prom night.

One other benefit to shopping online is the service and availability. Some stores may carry a few couture dresses, but they often have just a few in stock. Worse, the sizes available are generally quite limited. Shopping for a prom dress online lets you get the look you want in the size and style you need.


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