Shark Week On Discovery Channel

jpg_Shark We are excited in my house about ‘shark week’!  My five year old loves sharks and is looking forward to seeing all things shark, starting tonight, July 27, 2008, and lasting all week.  I think it will be an educational experience for all ages!

Mythbusters: Shark Special” (9 p.m.), begins the first of six shows featuring sharks.  Traditional urban tales about sharks will be discussed and even build a robo-shark with a length of 16 feet.  Go to Discovery Channel and read all about shark week.

Here is a sample of the schedule for the rest of the week:

  • Surviving Sharks” – Monday at 9 p.m., featuring “Survivorman” Les Stroud.
  • Day of the Shark” – Monday at 10 p.m., a program which presents the opinions of specialists concerning the best time of the day to avoid sharks…
  • Dirty Jobs:  Shark Special” – Tuesday, 9 p.m., host Mike Rowe takes a trip to the Arctic Circle in search of the legendary Greenland shark.

As close as I want to get to a shark is on my television; but if my son had his way we would have one in our bathtub.  He is in this phase where he wants everything as a pet.

Check for local listings.

I hope you can tune in to Discovery Channel this week and learn some fascinating things about sharks.  However, if you can’t catch some or all of the sharks shows, you can watch Discovery Channel’s shark marathon on August 2, 2008.