How to Sell Your Digital Goods

Outside of my duties writing for NerdBeach and BlogByDonna, I also write mobile apps for the App Store. In doing so, I’ve learned a few secrets along the way that I am going to share with you.  This can help you, even if it isn’t apps you’re selling.

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Today is a digital world, so a lot of us are working with digital goods. Let’s take a look…

how to sell digital goods

How to Sell Your Digital Goods

Content Is Only Part of the Picture

When you create a digital good, you want to do the very best job you can. You want people to find it of value, and when people find something they like, they often talk about it to others. This is the cornerstone of creating a good word of mouth buzz. With luck, you’ll have people coming to your website to check out your digital product.

So far so good. You have created a fantastic product, and you have word of mouth going to drive people to your website. But now the other half of the challenge starts – you have to convert those lookers into buyers.

The first thing you HAVE to do is to not lose that all important first impression when they land on your site.  You want to grab them up front and lead them into a great sales pitch of your product. You want them to be impressed, and for the moment you have their attention. Capitalize on it.

How do you grab and keep their attention? One of the best ways is to use guided tour software to explain why your product is the best in its class. A guided tour can walk them through the advantages of your work, show them how it fits their needs the best.

A good product that solves a need practically sells itself. But if you never get a chance to explain how it does that, you will miss out on many potential loyal customers.

Know How Your Product Is Used

Congrats, you have now created a digital product, sold a user on the qualities and features of your product, and now have it in the customer’s hand. But your job is not over yet, and this is where many sellers miss their biggest chance to grow.

Once you have users, you need to know how your product is being used. The best possible outcome you can have in creating a digital product is to have it used. If you can find out customer’s usage patterns, you can improve your product to increase the uptake.

The more a customer uses your product, the greater the chances are that they will spread the word about it.  This metric is key to increasing your user share for future growth.

The best way to monitor this is to use product usage analytics software. This kind of software will show you many demographics of your users, allowing you to sample characteristics to drive future changes and features. For long-term product survival, this is important.

When it comes to digital products

You may have only a small window to catch user’s attention and sell them on your great features.  You don’t want to blow it. Or in the words of that old saying, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.