Scarves Are The Must Have Accessory

Scarves Must Have Accessories

I love accessories, especially scarves. They’re so versatile and you can change the look and feel of an outfit so easily with a scarf.  One of the things I love about the cooler weather is getting out all my scarves.

I generally wear my scarves in the fall and winter, and the beginning of spring, but after seeing this infographic, I can’t wait to wear scarves this summer. It’s all about the material… a silk or satin scarf is perfect for summer months and a chunky wool or cashmere scarf is perfect for winter.

I also love how a scarf can be worn as another accessories besides a… scarf. It’s easy to turn a scarf into a belt or headband, and even an anklet, which I would have never thought of before.

Two of my favorite ways to wear scarves is to dress monochromatic in winter white, black, grey, navy, or chocolate brown, and add a colorful scarf for a pop of color and the other is animal print scarves. My favorite scarf is a leopard print in browns and black, it just makes me feel good when I’m wearing it.

Check out this essential how-to wear guide for every season and see why scarves are the must have accessory:

Scarves by Chan Luu

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  1. Scarves have been important in our family for generations. They’re so feminine and functional. When our daughter started her own on-line business recently, her scarves were some of my favorite items. This information from Chan Luu was a great summary; and, I love the presentation format. Great info!

  2. I always see women rocking scarfs. I don’t know about putting it around my ankle though.

  3. LOL I only think of wearing a scarf on my neck and I don’t have any living in South Florida but I love the other creative ideas.

  4. Yes, scarves can add so much to a boring outfit. I love my scarfs.

  5. I love wearing a scarf. I feel so dressed up and my outfit is complete! 🙂 LOVE FALL fashion! 🙂

  6. I have always been a big fan of scarves! Silk scarves are my favorite.

  7. Yep, I am totally into scarves. Thanks for this very useful guide.

  8. I like all the different ideas on how to use a scarf than just the traditional neck wrap. My daughter’s college peers are really into scarves – so now my daughter has asked for one for Christmas!

  9. Yep, it’s that time of year when the scarves need to come out. Love some of the suggestions you gave and it makes me want to get some new floral and cashmere scarves!

  10. I can’t wait until it’s cold enough to wear a scarf. I have a new pink coat I can’t wait to pair it with.

  11. I LOVE scarves but I am missing the cashmere one from your must-have list!

  12. Now that it’s starting to cool down here, I’m ready to pull out my scarves & boots. I can’t wait. I love how easily a scarf can dress up an outfit.

  13. I love scarves especially in the winter and spring. I like them to be tied perfectly though.

  14. Thisp past year, I’ve been really stocking up on scarves. I have over 30 right now and I love accessorizing my outfits with them.

  15. Scarves are being underutilized in my wardrobe, that I know. I need to think of them more often!

  16. My younger sister got me into scarves but I still need a basic tutorial on how best to wear them. I never thought of head wrapping!

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