Rug Cleaning the Natural Way

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Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is Brooklyn’s best alternative for removal of dirt, grime, stains and pet dander from both residential and commercial carpets. Green Choice is a winner for many residents and businesses that prefer to protect their health, pets and the environment by using a company that performs cleansing services with Earth-safe natural products.

Although they utilize Green cleansing products, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning has many satisfied customers who have requested their deep cleaning services for restorative, aesthetic and health purposes. From a small spot removal service to a full-home carpet and upholstery cleanse, Green Choice delivers superb service for Brooklyn, New York businesses and residents.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is also the name to memorize for detailed rug cleaning services. This Green company can tackle stains, spots and repairs for rugs such as silk rugs, wool rugs and handmade rugs.

They also provide highly praised services for Oriental rugs, regular area rugs and Persian rugs. Brooklyn residents and commercial businesses can trust Green Choice Carpet Cleaning to deliver top-notch natural cleaning solutions for all of their fine upholstery and high quality furniture.

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning technicians can also tackle crumb removal, upholstery stains, and deep-set dirt removal on many types of upscale furniture fabrics. Green Choice understands the impact of fresh-smelling beautifully clean upholstery and carpet on house guests, homeowners, renters and business clients.

For this reason, Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is a trusted household name because they deliver services utilizing experienced technicians that work hard to meet the satisfaction of Brooklyn and Tri-State area customers.


  1. You can’t be too careful with expensive rugs – especially oriental rugs. They’re so delicate!

  2. I always use seltzer! Now we have all hardwood floors – don’t miss not having carpet 🙂

  3. Great option. I always worry about the chemicals in rug cleaner especially with a young child in the house.

  4. I’ve been testing out baking soda and vinegar for natural cleaning.

  5. There really is a natural solution to clean almost anything isn’t there?

  6. We only have a couple of rugs in our home and we bought them on the cheap at Sam’s Club – I can see how this would be important though for people that own a very expensive rugs because you’d want to be sure not to ruin them if they got spilled on with harsh chemicals and such.

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