Revenge Of The Nerd Girls – They’re Smart And Sexy

Nerd girls…what could be sexier?  Not a thing, in my opinion!  I saw a segment this morning on the Today Show about a group of young ladies that refer to themselves as the "Nerd Girls".  They say it is nice to have a group that is all girls to get together and work on engineering projects, etc.

Of course they already have their critics.   The criticism is that they are using sex to sell science.  All I know is that I found this story to be very motivating for all of our young girls.  It shines a spotlight on girls who are smart in science and math.

They said they are trying to show how diversified "nerd girls" can be.  They are smart, beautiful, athletic and more.  I don't have a daughter but if I did I would hope that she would be a Nerd Girl!

I hope more and more girls join this group of smart girls.