6 Reasons Why Supernatural Needs Crowley

Supernatural is a weekly fun, wild ride into all kinds of things, well, supernatural. Dean and Sam have, quite literally, taken us to heaven and hell and back again. And while there have been many other characters on the show that we have enjoyed, one of the best that is no longer on it is the demon himself, Crowley. And I think he should be brought back on the show to dazzle, plot, brag, and amaze us once again. Here is why I think Supernatural needs Crowley.

6 Reasons Why Supernatural Needs Crowley

Supernatural Needs Crowley
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The actor, Mark Sheppard, has impeccable comedic timing

Crowley is known to have a razor sharp wit and always has a comeback ready. His life (and death?) experiences have prepared him well to be the antagonist we all love, and Crowley rarely misses a chance to insert a well-placed zinger. But bringing this type of character to the screen isn’t easy since these kinds of lines will flounder if the timing isn’t just right. Luckily the actor portraying Crowley has the skills to make it work.

Mark Sheppard has shown that he can totally own the Crowley character, delivering the perfect timing for an insult while keeping the character likable. This is not an easy thing to do, yet he pulls it off time after time. Mark Sheppard is probably one of the greatest assets of the show and no doubt a major reason why Crowley has such a large fan base. Supernatural needs Crowley and the actor, to keep those fans happy.

Supernatural needs Crowley to soften Lucifer’s evil

When your plot has someone as evil as Satan on a recurring basis, you need some way to soften that impact without weakening your main evil character. Crowley was great at this, giving us a literal King of Hell that we could approach. And at the same time, we all knew that Satan was out there, ready to storm Crowley’s castle and make it all Hell on Earth again. Crowley was able to soften the blow of ultimate evil and turn it into a plot element that could be revisited as needed.

Sam and Dean need a point of contact in Hell

With a show like Supernatural, most of your villains each week are going to have a dubious origin – in fact, most of them are straight out of Hell itself. Because of this, Sam and Dean need a point of contact in Hell just to keep up with all of the bad guys pouring out from it. Who better than the likable if not exactly trustworthy Crowley?  Sure, Crowley will help you with the latest crisis, but what’s in it for him? That’s half the fun.

We want to see more buddy team-ups with Castiel and Crowley

I enjoyed the team-ups we had with Castiel and Crowley in Supernatural. We had literally a team made up of Heaven and Hell, complete with their associated powers. How cool is that? And the Crowley-Castiel dream team played a good counter to the Winchesters.  I would have liked to see more of their interaction together.

If Crowley isn’t coming back on Supernatural, how about a spinoff featuring Crowley and Castiel? I even have a name for the series – “Heaven and Hell”. The dream team put bad guys away and saves the world through their sometimes bumbling but mostly well-intentioned actions. Sure, it sounds a lot like the synopsis for Supernatural, but we leave out Sam’s wistful moments and replace it with Crowley’s scheming.

Crowley’s nicknames for Sam

I don’t know about you, but I enjoyed the wit of Crowley when he applied it towards Sam.  Whether it was “Moose”, “Jolly Green”, or “Gigantor”, Crowley always had a comment for Sam’s appearance and looming stature. I think Crowley needs to come up with more of these, especially when the boys go to Hell to get advice on beating their next monster of the week.

Crowley is almost a father figure to Sam and Dean

Speaking of Crowley giving advice to the Winchesters, Crowley often serves as an older, wiser resource for the boys. Crowley wasn’t exactly a nurturer, but more like an estranged, world-wise father that comes back into your life just when things are going bad. Crowley’s advice was usually valid if not dangerous, but I could see him giving Sam more advice in a real tough-love kind of way.

As the show stands now there really isn’t anybody to take on that role. Sure, you could bring back their dad from Hell, but with the popularity of the Walking Dead, I can’t see the actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, having the time to commit to the show. And having Crowley around means that they don’t have to do this as much with Dean, letting him be the cantankerous brother without that extra weight. Supernatural needs Crowley to help steer the brothers when things are at their darkest, even if he has something to gain in the process.

So there you have it, six reasons why Crowley needs to be back on Supernatural.  According to most rumors, this is simply not going to happen, but characters die and come back more often than not on this show. Yes, I think Crowley, as portrayed by Mark Sheppard, needs to come back to Supernatural. And if you love lists, check out the 10 Reasons Why Thor Ragnorok is the best Thor movie.