It’s Back to School Time and We’re Taking the PURELL 30-Day Challenge #PURELLChallenge

This post was sponsored by GOJO Industries, the makers of PURELL®Advanced Hand Sanitizer. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

Back to School Shopping at Target #PURELL30

I still can’t believe that summer break is over and my son started back to school last Thursday. He is in is first full week of school this week and although I wish we had a couple more weeks left to enjoy the summer, we are back into the groove of a school routine, even with me cracking my right rib on Friday (that’s a story for another day).

Thankfully I did our back to school shopping at Target before I cracked my ribs.

I know some parents dread back-to-school shopping, but I actually enjoy it. I like printing out the back-to-school supply list, going to Target, and checking things off my list. And with the exception of one thing that had to be ordered, I was able to get everything at Target.

PURELL Target Back to School #PURELLChallenge 1

My son needed lots of binders, paper (college-ruled, notebooks and graphing paper), pens and pencils this year. I think that means lots of writing. Although he does have the most atrocious handwriting, he loves writing — the process and creativity of writing.

While shopping for school supplies, I also picked up lots of PURELL Hand Sanitizer.

PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer at Target collage #PURELL30

To celebrate the start of the new school year and to get it started off on the right foot, by keeping our household healthy and happy, we are taking the PURELL 30-Day Challenge. Starting today! We will commit to using PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer for 30 days.

PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Ready for #PURELL30

Honestly, this will be easy, since we do this most days anyway, but we will be developing a good habit of using it every single day. Especially since our son is back in school, no better time than the present to start this challenge.

#PURELL30 Back to School Challenge

You can get PURELL in gels, wipes, and portable (or pocket-sized) bottles…

  • PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer
  • PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes
  • PURELL® JELLY WRAP™ Carriers


I keep the portables in my bag, the car, gym bag, son’s lunch box, and his backpack.

I plan on continuing to use PURELL brand of products throughout the year by turning a challenge, into a habit. Because PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer is one of my son’s backpack essentials.
Back to School with PURELL from Target #PURELL30

Is PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer from Target on your back to school list?


  1. I love this product, I call it my germ gel. I have packed my kids backpacks with a small bottle of it in there!

  2. I use Purell all the time, and I don’t even have kids. I have zero time to be sick.

  3. Schools start in our area next week. I feel like summer JUST started. Hand sanitizer is definitely on the shopping list.

  4. I love using Purell products. The hand sanitizer is something that I love to have on hand. I always want to make sure to keep my hands sanitized as well as my children’s, especially around school time.

  5. My son just start today and he wasted no time. He woke up with a cold. We like to use Purell a lot when we are out. Shopping Carts are the worst for me. This is a great school essential.

  6. I’ve got to stock up on Purell. The kids are headed back to school, and I have no time for sickness. Those kids are little germ incubators!

  7. I make my kids wash their hands first thing when they get home from school, and I always keep Purell in the house. No germs for this family if I can help it!

  8. I hope you feel better. It sure seems like summer has flown by. I didn’t know that they had Purell wipes.

  9. I know our kids are required to bring Purell in with their supplies. I have to buy two bottle at Target in the next two weeks.

  10. I go through tons of purell! I load up on that stuff.

  11. We always use a lot of Purell Hand Sanitizer. School starts next week and it will be on our back to school list.

  12. I always liked BTS shopping too. I can’t wait until my son starts school and I do his for him. We have another year to go, though.

  13. Hand sanitizer was on both of children’s school supplies list this year! I like how they have different sizes.

  14. Yup, we stocked up as well. I actually got extras for teacher’s gift baskets, too 🙂 I love the idea of the challenge… Thanks for sharing

  15. I know to always stock up on Crayola and hand sanitizer when it comes to back to school.

  16. I love back to school shopping too! Purell is awesome, a total must have!

  17. I didn’t even think about this! Purell will definitely be a big part of our lives during the coming months.

  18. I loathe the back to school season just because of the constant colds. Luckily Purell helps a bunch!

  19. We have Purell with us everywhere we go. I have my kids used to using it whenever we need it!

  20. We use Purell all the time. I carry it in my purse and the bags we use when we are on the go!

  21. Hand Sanitizer is a MUST for back to school! There are so many germs that get spread around at school.

  22. I always keep a bottle of Purell handy in my purse. It is great for kids to have in their locker.

  23. I have a Purell Dispenser in my bathroom because I use it so much. Definitely need to get some for my daughter, too!

  24. We are always using Purell. I keep the travel size in my purse and the girls keep it in their backpacks. We like to stay as germ free as possible around here!

  25. Kids can pick up all sorts of germs at school if they’re not careful to sanitize their hands! Them keeping their hands clean can prevent the whole house form getting sick!

  26. Third day into school and my kid already came home with strep throat. Ugh. Need sanitizer.

  27. I was at the doctor’s office the other day and I noticed that they were using Purell. If it’s good enough to be used in a doctor’s office, it must be pretty good.

  28. We love the Purell products. I bought the small bottles of hand sanitizers for my kids yesterday.

  29. Love Purell. Always have lots on hand. Kids and germs? No thanks so always keep it handy!

  30. Since I am pretty much a germaphobe, we basically commit to using hand sanitizer 365 days a year. I even keep mini bottles inside my children’s lunch boxes so they can sanitize before they eat.

  31. We like Purell. This is a great challenge.

  32. We are big on hand washing and hygiene. We are a total hand sanitizer kind of family.

  33. This is the best time to stock up on Purell – we go through loads of it through the year

  34. Purell is a MUST for back to school. There’s always so many germs and this is a great way to make sure kids are clean and germ free.

  35. My kids backpacks are always stocked with Purell. I tell them to use it after they touch something and so far they haven’t gotten sick yet.

  36. It’s the first time I’ve seen it, but hand sanitizer was on my kids’ school lists. I am happy there’s an effort to keep them healthy!

  37. We go through a lot of hand sanitizer. We buy the regular kind but as a treat when Bath and Body Works has a sale we buy a few fun smelling ones too.

  38. We usually have a bottle around somewhere but I think this year, I will put one in my son’s backpack for those times when a sink isn’t available!

  39. I am so excited that it is back to school time for my kids! They go back on the 25th and I am planning on putting these in their backpacks! They need them for sure.

  40. Purell is a mainstay in my kids’ backpacks during the school year! Gotta keep them healthy!

  41. I have to go shopping for supplies today. Purell is on the list.

  42. Purell is one of the most important back to school items we buy. Thankfully my kids like using it so I keep it handy for them. Sick kids is no fun.

  43. I love this brand, it is the best and affordable too. I have plenty on hand this time of year (NORMALLY) , thanks for reminder I Must go buy more!

  44. Purell hand sanitizer is in pretty much every room in the house, backpacks and my purse. With cold and flu season right around the corner you can never be too protected!

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