Planning a Decorating Job on a Budget

Decorating your home is a way to show off your sense of style, but the costs can add up quickly. You can decorate with style for less money by planning your priorities, and with some do-it-yourself projects. Check out these ideas for staying within your budget when decorating your home.

Decoraing your home on a budget

Decorating Within Your Budget

Many people think that home decorating is expensive, but there are many ways to cut the costs and still get the look you want. Prioritize what you need most by beginning with the bare bones and working from there. Sometimes this means replacing a broken door before you select a color scheme.

Make a list of prices for the major necessary items, leaving around a quarter of your budget for unexpected costs and finishing touches. Take time to save money before you begin.

After making obvious repairs, look at your windows. If they need to be replaced, do it before paint or wallpaper is applied. Windows can be pricey, but good windows can make your home more energy and cost-efficient, which will save money over time.


home decorating on a budget

If your floors and walls are outdated or worn, consider changing them. Replace old carpet with tile or hardwood flooring. For existing hardwood floors that are worn, you might be able to preserve the original flooring and save money by refinishing the existing floors.

When it comes to finding a contractor for major jobs, choose someone reputable. Hiring the same contractor for multiple jobs might make them more open to negotiating a lower price. If you are ambitious and know how to paint or lay flooring, these might be jobs that you can handle.

As a general rule, plumbing and electrical work should only be done by professionals.

Simple and sleek style

home decorating on a budget painting walls

Once you have the bare bones essentials in good order, it is time to think about style and color. Keep it simple to stay within your budget. A neutral, minimalist look stays in style and can be accessorized with the latest decorative items.

Choosing your style should not be too difficult. Buying things that fit your style means you invest in a design that you won’t get tired of quickly and want to change again soon. If you are unsure, flip through design magazines or search online to decide what style is best for your home.

When it comes to choosing a color scheme, it is most cost-effective to choose a paint color that is light and neutral. You might be surprised to find that lighter, custom-colored paint sometimes costs less, because less pigment is added.

Light, neutral colors are also easy to style around for years since they generally don’t go out of style. Neutrals can last the life of your home and allow for easy resale of your home later.

Invest more in lasting items

home decorating on a budget good pieces that last

Spend more money on elements that are built to last and that don’t need to be changed often. If an item needs to be updated in less than five years, then buy the cheaper version. So one thing you can spend the money on if you can is pieces of furniture that are long-lasting.

Windows Coverings

Decorating on a budget. Window coverings, shutters.

Window coverings are often at the top of the list when planning a budget. Too much or too little natural light can affect your sleep or hamper tasks or your leisure time. Shutters are a timeless classic window covering that allows you to manage the natural light, which saves energy and money.

Shutters won’t go out of style, like curtains with trendy patterns, so this is a wise long-term investment.


home decorating on a budget

Lighting can make all the difference. You can have the latest decor in a room with an outdated chandelier, and the focus will be on the out-of-place chandelier. Choosing light fixtures that are right depends on how much natural light you get from windows and the overall style of the room.

If the room has no windows, you will need lighting in more than one area. For a modern design, you might prefer minimalist, streamlined light fixtures.


Decorating your home on a budget with furniture...

Furniture that you invest in should be built to last and should be comfortable. Splurge on a moderately priced couch that is comfortable or seek out excellent pieces from a secondhand store. If your current furniture is comfortable, but the fabric needs an update, consider having it reupholstered, rather than buying new.

Consider making your own trendy furniture. A quick Internet search for crate furniture or pallet furniture brings up infinite affordable, do-it-yourself ideas, from end tables to wall hangings.


home decorating on a budget with DIY home decor

Remember to save on artwork – for example, paint simple modern art on a canvas. Textured wall art made from reclaimed wood, fabric or rope can give the room depth, on a budget. Your home accessories are a great way to do some DIY home decor projects.

Home decorating on a budget

Whatever your budget, you can create a home design that suits you. Plan ahead to stay within your budget by focusing on essentials first. Keep costs down by doing some of the installation work yourself. Do-it-yourself artwork can be a fun part of your budget-friendly design.