Romantic Getaway – How to Plan One with Your Partner

The idea of a romantic getaway can really awaken the magic and add a new spark of interest and love in any relationship, and if you two have been struggling to spend some time together, treating yourself to a vacation is the best way to get closer to each other and have a splendid time while you’re at it.

So here’s what you need to do to plan a getaway with your partner.

romantic getaway

How to Plan a Romantic Getaway with Your Partner

Plan Together

Planning your getaway together is so much fun- right from hunting the perfect destination and setting the budget to spending hours packing for the trip together and grabbing all your essentials – it can all be a very exciting joyride that you two can do together as a couple.

Work on an itinerary of activities that you both enjoy and want to do and be a bit flexible as well.

Make it Fun

While the trip itself may not be a surprise and you both may have gone through everything tons of times, do something spontaneous and give your partner a little surprise — it can be something as simple as a nice gift, or requesting the hotel management to arrange for some rose petals to be scattered across the bed to make things romantic… you get the drill.

Room Time Matters

The fact that you’re out on a vacation doesn’t mean you have to stay out all day and pass out the moment you land on the bed in your hotel room. Remember that room time matters too, and if you both feel like just staying in bed until lunchtime for the day, that’s what you should do. What matters the most is that you both should enjoy together and feel closer to each other.

It Doesn’t Have to be Long

When you’re trying to move around your schedules and free up some days together when you can actually go for a vacation, remember that it doesn’t need to be a long vacation always.

Even if you’re out by yourselves just for 4-5 days, it can still work – don’t postpone your plans hoping to finalize on a couple of weeks where you both are free from your own lives. A lengthy travel plan isn’t necessary to have a good time.

In fact, if a weekend or a 3-day weekend is all you can both manage to do, that’s better than nothing.

Keep it a Secret

Do something you’ve just heard in novels, plan your getaway but don’t tell anyone about it. Cover all your commitments beforehand and get that escape you two needed together.

Make sure you bring your camera along to capture loads of memories. Stay away from your phone and keep those email notifications turned off- make the vacation about just the two of you as a couple.

The important thing is finding a little time away with your significant other sans distractions. Make it all about the two of you.

Who knows, you might even ignite that old spark that’s been a bit fizzling out.

And if you absolutely cannot manage a getaway, maybe you can get a babysitter if you have kids and have a romantic weekend in for the two of you. Plan a romantic candlelight dinner and include these Prosciutto Cherry Bites and homemade Chocolate Covered Cherries. And these Chocolate Crepes are perfect for a Valentine’s Day or Sunday Brunch.