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Picking out a prom dress for my daughter

By: Donna Chaffins | Date: March 19, 2012 | Categories: Guest Posts, Random Thoughts and Conversations

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Guest post written by Karen Livingston

My daughter most of the time would never want to dress up for herself. But I finally convinced her to actually go to her senior year prom. She’s never been to it any other years and I think that she saw my view on why she should go. Plus, a lot of her friends are going too and they’re all going to go as a big group.

She was worried about her prom dress budget, so we’ve been doing some research for it and came across some credit card debt counseling. I could really use that and I’m going to take some of it so that I can finally settle all of my credit card debt.

I think that we’ve found some really great styles that are all within our prom shopping budget. So we’ll just have to go to the stores and actually see which ones look the best on her. But she has a fantastic figure and I’m sure that a lot of the dresses we already like are going to look so great on her!


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