PBS – Nova ScienceNow…Phoenix Mars Mission And More

Tonight on PBS's Nova sciencenow they will be featuring the NASA mission to search for water on Mars; forensic science's take on the fossilized remains of two mammoths whose tusks were entwined as if in battle; a profile of cancer researcher Judah Folkman (1933-2008), who, despite skepticism from the medical community, proposed the now-accepted idea of cutting off the blood supply to tumors.

I am a big proponent of PBS as an educational tool.  Tonight's episode is a great opportunity to learn about Mars, as well as, learning about fossils.  I have to admit that science wasn't one of my strongest subjects in school, however, I always loved science.  My son, fortunately, is like his father, and loves science and wants to know what makes things work, etc.  So PBS is a big show in our house.

I recommend you tune in tonight to PBS at 9 p.m. and watch Nova Sciencenow.  I also highly recommend you check out the Phoenix Mars Mission web site.