Pamela Anderson – ‘Pam: Girl On The Loose’

She was referred to as an ‘Iconic blond bombshell’ by Matt Lauer on the Today Show yesterday.  Today she is on The View doing her publicity thing for her  new reality show / documentary ‘Pam:  Girl on the Loose’.  Anderson says that it is the perfect vehicle for her to draw attention to things that are important to her, like animal rights.

I do commend Pamela for keeping her kids out of the limelight.  She says that she made that clear right up front that her kids were to never be on camera.   

Pamela got her start from the sitcom Home Improvement but made it big from Baywatch.

She appears to lead a somewhat normal life.  She doesn’t have a nanny or housekeeper, she carpools… all the normal soccer mom stuff.

She says, “women can do it all; woman are tough.”  She says her mom did it all…why can’t she.  I have always thought Pamela Anderson to be a beautiful woman and although she comes off a bit ditzy at times…she is one smart woman!

The thing I like about her is her ability to poke fun at herself.  She has a great sense of humor.

Check your local listings for day and time of Pam:  Girl on the Loose, on the E channel.