Our iPad – The Video Game Research Tool and more


I have an iPad, and when I bought it I was envisioning it to be a versatile e-book reader, convenient Wikipedia tool, comfortable web browser, and handy kitchen resource, all rolled into one. And for a while, it did exactly that.
But now the iPad’s role has shifted, and while it can still fulfill those needs through the day and later at night, in the meanwhile it has one central job – the trusty sidekick for my eight-year-old son.
After he gets home from school, does his homework, and has a snack, he heads for the iPad. Once he has it in his clutches, he begins delving into the world of game faqs and YouTube, looking for all things Sonic and Mario.  He has learned to do his “research” through trial and error (and just a little guidance from Mom), and has become quite adept at it.
Now he has graduated from “How to beat the game” research to “The glitch of the week” , where he finds ways to go through the walls and new areas to explore. And each time he discovers something new, he shouts for me to share it with him on the game — which I enjoy, each and every time.
Of course, this activity is not without consequences. His reading level has gone through the roof, and in the second grade he has been measured reading at a seventh grade level. In fact, he did an accelerated reading test on The Hobbit that same year, and passed it with flying colors.
The only downside to this activity… I think I might need to buy an iPad 2 just to have one of my own. But so far it has been money well spent. If you have an iPad or iPad 2, do your children use it?


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