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Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

I have been reading on-line with my clear internet service and getting pumped already about the Olympic games in London this year! I think that the Summer Olympics is definitely one of my favorite things to follow and watch on television. I followed them like a hawk in Beijing in 2008.

Now, the games are a little bit closer to home and are even more exciting. I don’t know what my favorite event to
watch is because it is pretty tough to choose. I definitely love gymnastics. My favorite event in gymnastics is the floor routine. I also love to watch swimming ( I used to swim as a kid). Michael Phelps was my favorite swimmer in the last Olympics.

The other sport that I really like to watch that doesn’t get as much coverage as I think it should is synchronized swimming. I just think that it looks so beautiful and I can’t get over how those women can keep their eyes open underwater for so long! It is just amazing!