Ode to my Son on a Sunday Morning


This was a writing prompt I remember from awhile back, but I can't remember from where. For some reason I woke up with it on my mind, so I thought I'd try it. It's an alphabet poem. I don't really need to tell you that I'm not a poet, as you can easily see. I think that's the reason I was so determined to try my hand at this. So without further ado, here's my 26 line poem, where the first letter in each line starts with each letter of the alphabet.


Ode To My Son On A Sunday Morning
A calmness came over me

Before I even rose from bed,

Cody had crept in early

Deciding to snuggle before my rising.

Every hug and kiss

Fell upon my eager cheek,

Giving me a peace and

Hope that all his days God keep.

In love with my son

Justly describes my heart,

Keenly is his wit

Loving is his heart.

Mommy is what he calls me

Needing me still awhile,

Open is his mind

Precious is his love.

Quietly we linger

Revelling in the morning

Sunlight coming through

The bedroom window,

Under the covers we stole, not

Vacating till we smelled

Waffles coming from the kitchen.

X is a letter he loves

You can rest assured,

Zany is this poem, but so much fun!


  1. what a beautiful ode!

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