Never Ignore These Symptoms in Your Furry Friends

We all love our furry friends and want the best for them. Which is why most of us are pretty receptive to the possibility that something might be wrong. Plenty of pet owners are more likely to get their pooch to the vet than they are to actually take themselves to the doctor!

However, it’s often all too easy to let certain symptoms fly under the radar, either because you mistake them for something else or because they don’t seem like that big of a deal. However, often these kinds of things can be the sign of something more serious. With that in mind, here are a few symptoms that you should never ignore in your furry friend!

Never ignore these symptoms in your furry friends. Dog symptoms to take care of for optimal pet care.

Never Ignore These Symptoms in Your Furry Friends

Bad breath

A dog’s breath is never going to be that great. After all, dog food hardly smells particularly appetizing, and dogs spend far too much time licking themselves to have particularly fresh smelling breath.

However, if your dog has particularly heinous breath, then that could be a sign of something more serious. Bad breath can be caused by swollen gums, the bacteria from which can cause stomach and liver problems. Luckily this is pretty easy to deal with and looking for the best dog toothpaste that you can find is a great way to work around this problem.

Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly isn’t just going to make their breath more pleasant, it’s also going to assist with their overall health.

Constant scratching

Everyone gets an itch now and then, especially your furry friend, but if they’re scratching a lot, then it’s crucial that you check them over for any uninvited guests. Fleas and ticks can cause some serious problems for your furry friend that go way beyond mild irritation.

Not only that but the scratching might be a result of skin irritation that could indicate problems that range from allergies to a reaction to their food. If it seems like your pooch has an itch they just can’t scratch, make sure to pay close attention to it.

Reduced mobility

Some dogs are always going to be more active than others. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if your pup has always been bouncy and excitable and they suddenly start dragging on the lead or refusing to go out for walks, it may be something more than pure laziness.

It might be down to a lack of energy, or they could be feeling sore in their legs when they walk. Either way, you should get them to the vet as soon as possible to get them checked over. Things like arthritis might sound scary but they can be dealt with efficiently, and it’s always better to get these things checked sooner rather than later.

Now, most of the time these kinds of things are likely to be no big deal. However, if it does turn out to be something a little more serious then don’t worry. There are always going to be things that you can do to help deal with any health issues that your furry friend might have.

The medical care that dogs receive these days is truly amazing, even compared to as little as a decade ago! So don’t ignore the above symptoms in your furry friends for a happier, healthier dog.