My Top 15 Twitter #FollowFriday – June 5, 2009

twitter-bird I wish I could take credit for this idea… but I got to give credit, where credit is due… thanks Danny Brown at  I just loved the idea.  So I plan to give my Twitter #followfriday shout outs here on my blog every Friday. 

Follow Friday is a way to direct your followers to others whom you are following. It is a friendly way to say you appreciate someone and think that others will appreciate them too.  The hash mark, or pound sign "#" is the symbol used to help tag posts for a particular term appear in search results.

Now for this weeks FollowFriday recs… oh, and this doesn’t mean I won’t be giving any #followfriday recommendations on Twitter, because there is no way I can mention all my Twitter friends that you should be following here in one post.

  1. Queen of social@AmyVernon if you don’t know Amy… what rock have you been hiding under?  Seriously, Amy is one of the nicest persons you’ll ever meet in the social circles.  She refers to herself as a "social media maven-in-progress" – trust me… she is being modest.  Her tweets will add value to your day.  I’m proud to call her a friend!
  2. Queen of Nice@BuzzEdition always has a kind word for everyone.  Susan has over 30,000 followers and I think she tweets to all of them.  If you need a ~hug~ @BuzzEdition is the gal to follow.
  3. Princess of Nice@MelanieNugent is as sweet as they come.  Melanie is personable and a great retweeter.  If you’re feeling down she will bring you up.
  4. Mr. Nice Guy@mostie is an all around sweetheart.  Mostie is funny too but if I have to classify him today… its nice.  And he is an excellent retweeter.
  5. Mr. Techie@MathieuB is one smart cookie.  Mat can help you find the best deals on all your computer needs and if you have a tech question… he will have the answer for you.
  6. Ms. Techie@BridgetAyers is one of the smartest and sweetest tech minded gals around.  She tweets quality stuff and if you have a question about building a website and relationship building she is the lady you want to connect with.  Oh, "For The Love Of Joseph" follow her. 😉
  7. Mr. Humor@Regretful is one funny dude.  Jason has a warped sense of humor (which I like).  I promise he will tickle your funny bone.
  8. Ms. Mom@knitpurlgurl is a great mom Twitter to follow.  She is a mom, a blogger, a talk radio host and crafty to boot.  I’m so jealous.  But with everything she has going on, she takes the time to interact with her Twitter followers with tweets of value.
  9. Digg Extraordinaire@Jenocide312 is the Twitter follower to have, especially if you are a digg user.  Pat is one of my first and dearest online friends.  He will never let you down and goes above and beyond to help people.
  10. Queen of Green@AbsolutelyTrue  is an eco-friendly Twitter user.  Gerri fits in many categories – nice, kind, smart and funny but want to give her props on her "green" friendly tweets!
  11. Up & Coming@Adam_Walters is only eighteen, but a young man that really is getting social media.  He is a great Twitter friend and retweeter.  And also a great eco-friendly follower.
  12. The coolest band@Collective_Soul is a band/celebrity that gets it.  They connect with their fans/followers with their tweets. 
  13. Favorite T-Shirt@sogeshirts is a great T-Shirt designer.  You know the saying "as comfortable as your favorite t-shirt?"… this is how I feel about Tim.  He is funny and as nice as they come.
  14. Mr. Cool@DeathWish808 also falls in the humorous category.  He just has a coolness about his humor. :)  He would be one of the first ones there to defend you.  A great guy to have on your side.
  15. Songstress@Surferess – is an avid music lover and tweets quality tweets.  Kate has a knack of making you feel better.  She is a great gal to have in your corner.

Each of my Follow Friday recommendations could fall into more than one category… because each and every one of them are smart, funny and just the nicest bunch of people you’ll ever want to follow. 

Check back next Friday for some more great #followfriday tweeps to follow.


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