MY Ode to Collective Soul

I am on Twitter and recently I followed the rock band Collective Soul.  So what’s the big deal, you say?  Well not only did they follow me back… they replied to me – little ole ME!  That’s right they will interact with their fans/followers.

I’m writing this because Collective Soul is hosting a blog contest.  And I want to win!  I’m not too proud to beg. I’m a huge fan.  Even my son (who is only six) can hear their music and say “that’s Collective Soul, mommy.”

If you’re not following “Collective Soul on Twitter” href=” on Twitter, I highly recommend you do.  These guys get social media.  They’re smart cookies – I knew there was a reason I loved them so much in the early 90s, besides being an awesome and talented band.

My favorite Collective Soul song is Shine – which I am listening to right now on my iPod as type this.  My now husband, bought the 1993 CD – Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid for me as a gift… because he knew how much I loved the song.  I enjoyed the album immensely but I played Shine over and over and over.

I was also quite fond of She Said from the Scream 2 soundtrack and Heavy off their 1999 Dosage album.  Okay, now I’m listening to All I Know from their latest album Afterwards released in 2007.  This song is upbeat and honestly, you cannot help but smile while listening to it.  These are just the tip of the iceberg of the songs by Collective Soul that I love.

Sadly, I’ve never been to a Collective Soul concert.  It would be such a thrill to see them live!  I just cannot express to you how badly I want to win this.

If you want to find out more about what Collective Soul is up to, check out their BLOG

And don’t forget their new TOUR this year:

Multi-platinum rockers Collective Soul (Loud and Proud/ Roadrunner Records) and platinum recording artist Gavin DeGraw (J Records) will hit the road this summer on a co-headlining tour throughout the U.S. The multi-city run kicks off June 22 at the House of Blues in Cleveland, OH. Green River Ordinance will join this tour as the opening act. Tickets go on sale beginning May 15th at and, with fan club pre-sales for both artists starting Thursday May 14th.

I would love to go to Myrtle Beach, SC – House of Blues on 7/13 to see them.  I really hope to see you guys there!

And don’t forget to follow Collective Soul at, they WILL follow you back!


  1. @Amy – I think more and more bands and/or celebrities should catch onto the social part of social media. And thanks… I hope I win too! 🙂

  2. I am the ole fan like many of you! My sons 20 and 7 both know their songs well…my family is (originally)from Stockbridge, family just recorded some songs in their studio… and I had CS on a tape, before they had a CD, back in the day! Have all the music and love it all…SInce I copywrite and do seo for others, I can’t blog to enter the contest, poo poo! Good luck with it, wish I could also!

  3. @Jane – Well I am so happy that you have now discovered Collective Soul! They really are a down-to-earth group of guys. I could listen to them sing 24/7!

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