My Husband – A Father’s Day Tribute

I could not let Father’s Day go by without acknowledging what a great dad my husband is.  He astounds me every day in the little and big things he does with and for our son.  He is selfless with his time and attention.  There isn’t anything more important to him then to listen to "C "tell him a story or for them to read a book together or maybe it’s building robots out of  Lego blocks or simply watching a movie together.  It isn’t so much what they do, but that they do it together.

Two quotations come to mind when I think of my husband as a father to our son; the first is “He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” by Clarence Budington Kelland.  This is so true with my husband.  He teaches our son by example.  My husband shows our son, in his actions and words, how to be a good man.  He teaches "C" to be true to his word.  He teaches him to work hard but that it is as equally important to play hard. 

The second quotation is by Henry Ward Beecher – “The most important thing a father can do is to love their mother”.  In loving me, he teaches our son how to treat women.  My husband treats me with respect; treats me as an equal.  He shows once again by example how to be a good husband.

I am so proud of my husband!  I knew what kind of man he was before I married him.  I felt like he would be a good father, however, I could have never imagined the scope of what a great dad he could be.  We are so blessed, and my son is so fortunate to have this man as his daddy.  I know our son has an amazing bond with his father that warms my heart.

To you my husband – I wish you a Happy Father’s Day! 

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