Moving Tips to Help the Busy Parent

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Moving can be extremely exhausting for everyone, especially now during a pandemic where you are trying to virtually teach your children, work from home, attempt to pack, and everything else!

Attempting to keep track of their things, taking care of meals but most importantly, making sure that the movie itself doesn’t create a challenge for them is a job in itself. There is even more of a struggle if you attempt to do the bulk of the move yourself to save money.

The biggest tips? Take a deep breath and try to work on a few of these tips to help you until the big day arrives. 

Moving Tips to Help the Busy Parent

moving tips

Make Moving Fun For Your Kids

Depending on how old your children are, they can be incredibly helpful during a big transition like this. It’s especially true if you can take turns selecting and moving items into a game. One idea would be to do a scavenger hunt with it!

Allow them to search for 4 items they do not want to take with them anymore and put them into a box. Next, you could search for a few favorite books to take with them to the new house. This helps sort items that they truly want and don’t want.

make moving fun

Allow them to come with you to donate the items they don’t want to bring to a charity or church location to see how their old items can help people who are looking for items that they didn’t have.

If your kids are older, be sure to give them tasks that don’t involve heavy lifting or valuable objects because they might break. You wouldn’t want them to accidentally break something by attempting to lift it that they shouldn’t especially right before you move. 

Start Early

As busy parents, it’s never too late to start something now because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. To help save your sanity and your anxiety, sit down and make a list of everything that needs to get done before the big day arrives.

to do list

Write down what can be done that day, even if it doesn’t need to get done. Some of the moving tasks can be taken care of earlier, including giving items back to friends, dropping off donations, or taking back any library books.

Things that should be getting done first are if you are comfortable moving, asking friends to help you move, planning a moving date, and ordering supplies to help you put your items away, such as newspaper, packing tape, and boxes. 

Hire Someone To Help Watch The Kids

Depending on when you are moving, you might not feel like you have time to pack everything. Hire a babysitter, family, or friend to help watch your kids if they are little to give you time to pack items that need to get done.

You could also ask if you can set up a playdate with neighborhood kids to watch your child while you pack items as well. It’s a lot easier and safer to have the kids out while moving things around and out of your home.

If you can’t help, consider creating a safe and entertaining area for the kids on moving day, as it can be extremely distracting and overwhelming for them. Ensure that the doors are watched so if your children are little, they don’t fall down the stairs.

moving tips
Image: Moving Solutions

Know When To Wave The White Flag

Are parents, we want to do everything for our kids, but sometimes it’s ok to wave the white flag and say you need help.

Packing and moving the items in your home is a huge undertaking to attempt to do by yourself, and sometimes it might be best to ask for help, but not from friends but true professionals.

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They can have everything you need to be easy and give you the stress-free move that you are looking for during this time.